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  1. Kamau47

    Black People : Are We The Aliens on Earth?

    How about this. Could it be that we are just a hell of a people, and that's it?
  2. Kamau47

    Black People : Reparations - Partial Legal Victory

    Ok, no problem there. But the issue remains. What would giving money solve. As for my solution, it's not popular. But seeing what's been going on these last couple of decades, you're gonna have to start this society over from scratch. That means you have to completely destroy the one that's...
  3. Kamau47

    Black People : Reparations - Partial Legal Victory

    Not throwing money at it to start.
  4. Kamau47

    Black People : Reparations - Partial Legal Victory

    Really? For how long? And knowing us the way we do, how many "things" do you think we'll go out and buy before we are "poor"again. Also, who & where do you think we'll spend that money with? I won't even mention that it'll be considered income, and we'll have to pay taxes on it. They'll also...
  5. Kamau47

    Black People : Reparations - Partial Legal Victory

    This is my question. Suppose reparations are approved, money is allocated, and payments are sent out. What changes?
  6. Kamau47

    Black People : What would you do if you had a Time Machine?

    I wouldn't. Good, bad or indifferent, my past has created my present. It took me a long time to make this person, and I kinda like him.
  7. Kamau47

    Black People : justice-department-to-investigate-chicago-police

    I haven't seen the movie yet. But even when I do, I'm not gonna use it to gauge the City of Chicago because it is a movie. He may have a message to say, but in the end, he made it to make a profit. And that means some things are embellished.
  8. Kamau47

    Black People : justice-department-to-investigate-chicago-police

    Actually, that's all it is...... Nothing. Just another way of pacifying the masses. It's the same as with prosecuting police, and body cameras. It has done nothing to slow down the amount of police abusing & murdering us. I've seen & heard it all before.
  9. Kamau47

    Black People : justice-department-to-investigate-chicago-police

    Don't know exactly how much will be accomplished. Chicago has always been a corrupt city. Richard Daly may be long gone, but his legacy continues to thrive.
  10. Kamau47

    Violaters / Violations : Why/What Is This?

    Jus wondering. I saw violation, and thought I violated a new rule or something.
  11. Kamau47

    Violaters / Violations : Why/What Is This?

    Can anyone answer this for me?
  12. Kamau47

    Violaters / Violations : Why/What Is This? I haven't posted in here for quite some time, so I'm a bit rusty on things. What exactly is this violation on my post, and why did I get it? What I click on it, I see a...
  13. Kamau47

    Black People : One year after Michael Brown’s killing, his mother vows to ‘never forgive’

    Nope. Shooting in the opposite direction is more in line of what I'm speaking about.
  14. Kamau47

    Black People : Black on Black Crime Widely Ignored, Says African American Activists

    If I am angry, then unfortunately, it is those who are around me that experiences the anger. If a caged animal at the zoo is feeling something, then since I can't get to any other creature, it's those that are around me that I share it with. Right or wrong, good or bad, that's just the way it is.
  15. Kamau47

    Black People : petition for federal police oversight....

    My solution remains the same for all this. Completely dismantle the whole judicial system, and start over.
  16. Kamau47

    Black People : South Carolina policeman charged with murder after video of shooting emerges

    The wagons have begun to circle.
  17. Kamau47

    Black People Politics : (Author edit due to new views)

    Because 9/11 was carried out by this government.
  18. Kamau47

    Black People : will we ever get better leaders?

    Do we really need leaders?