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  1. Jahari Kavi

    Black Spirituality Religion : Freemasonry & What It Means to Black Men: Part I

    Below is the first piece of a series of blogs that I will be writing on Freemasonry and what it means to Black Men "We have far as possible, closed every avenue by which light may enter the slaves mind...If we could extinguish the capacity to see the light,our work would be complete; they...
  2. Jahari Kavi

    Black Spirituality Religion : What Obeah Is...

    Just thought I'd share a quote from the book, "Obeah: A Sorcerous Ossuary," by Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold. Obeah is so rich, complex, and misunderstood by many. I must admit that it isn't easy to define, but I feel that the following definition does it justice. "Because obiya is a power...
  3. Jahari Kavi

    Black People : Not All Of Us Are Gonna Make It

    I hate saying this...I really do, because I love Black people. But those of us who don't even notice racism when it occurs or can't even acknowledge that it does exist....There may come a day that these people will need to be banished from the community. You don't have to have some fancy...
  4. Jahari Kavi

    Black Spirituality Religion : Coming to terms with Myself and My views on God

    Being sick this week has given me the opportunity to really sit down and think about my perspective on life. I have really felt liberated this week, because for the first time ever I have informed my friends and loved ones on my outlook, when it comes to what most call "God." Below is a...
  5. Jahari Kavi

    Black People : Whites using scare tactics and threats of guns to scare Blacks There are too many things about this story that make me scratch my head.....Scare tactic or not we cannot let them scare us in "standing our ground" in a historically white racist neighborhood in...
  6. Jahari Kavi

    Black People : The History of Sexual Perversion in Western Society

    I really started this thread to see if anyone knew any good books that deal with this topic. But I also wanted us to discuss sexual acts that were considered to be taboo and acceptable in various African societies
  7. Jahari Kavi

    Black People : Paying homage to some scholars who had an impact on my life

    Seeing Jan Carew mentioned in a thread reminded me of my time in grad school and having the opportunity to meet Jan and Dr. Blaine Hudson. Both men were brilliant and I always regret not getting the opportunity to tell them how they impacted my life as a a young Black man. Although I was...
  8. Jahari Kavi

    Black People : Rest In Power to Hugo Chavez

    His body isn't even cold yet and CNN is smearing his expected.....they don't kill revolutionaries with just bullets anymore.....Rest in Power Brother Chavez.
  9. Jahari Kavi

    Black Spirituality Religion : Deja Vu: From An African Centered Perspective

    It happens to all of us, but recently I've been taking this phenomena more seriously. I always would brush it off in the past as nonsense (probably because of my eurocentric thinking), but I am really wanting to know more about Deja Vu from an African/Indigenous perspective. Please share your...
  10. Jahari Kavi

    Black People : The Legacy of the Moors in Spain and Europe

    I know we were having a discussion in here a while back about developing a working definition for the term "Moor".....I think this lecture assists with cites evidence that suggests that the term originated in Africa and as time progressed, the term in itself came to represent smaller...
  11. Jahari Kavi

    Black Spirituality Religion : Kemetic/Islamic Connection

    A link to Wesley Muhammad building on previous research of Rafiq Bilal and Thomas Goodwin He discusses the Kabba (Ka and Ba) in relation to the Black God of Kemet, Atum and Adam of the Quran and Bible, along with...
  12. Jahari Kavi

    Black Spirituality Religion : Esoteric Meaning of Ausar and the 14 Scattered Pieces

    For as many books as there are about Kemet, I have never seen anyone really deal with the 14 scattered pieces of Ausar and the 13 that were recovered....anyone have any sources that deal with the matter or do you have your own theory? Are the 14 pieces relevant to us, even now? Peace
  13. Jahari Kavi

    Black Spirituality Religion : Music that speaks to your spirit

    I don't do much praying, but I listen to lots of music and view that as an act of prayer...........lately this song has been stuck with me.......I have some Bahamian ancestry, so maybe this explains my attachment to this joint Post some of your...
  14. Jahari Kavi

    Black Spirituality Religion : "African Dark Mother - The Oldest Divinity We Know"

    Found this piece while browsing around on a Rosicrucian website.
  15. Jahari Kavi

    Black Spirituality Religion : Question on a recent experience I had.

    Recently I have had a couple of occurences where I have seen a blue cloud of smoke in my mind that takes the form of eyes while I'm sleeping. The eyes look at me and then I give them permission to "enter me." After they enter me it feels as if my head is spinning rapidly and then my body goes...
  16. Jahari Kavi

    Black People : Whites in Hip Hop the New Black Face??? the link is to a good documentary questioning if white hip hop fans and performers are 21st century manifestations of minstrel shows.......
  17. Jahari Kavi

    Black People : R.I.P. Guru I was so sad to wake up to this news this morning. I thought he was going to pull through after last month......R.I.P. will be missed.
  18. Jahari Kavi

    Black People : Don't We Count? Attached is a link to the panel from a week ago in Chicago, hosted by Tavis Smiley. I already have my thoughts on the subject at hand and the speakers responses. Feel free to share yours. Peace, Jahari Kavi
  19. Jahari Kavi

    Black People : Please keep your prayers and thoughts with..

    A friend of my sisters. On Thursday night my sister's friend 4 year old daughter was killed in a car accident. I've met the brother before and he's a good man who loved his daughter. Keep your prayers (no matter your beliefs) with he and his family.
  20. Jahari Kavi

    Haiti : Randall Robinson on Haiti

    I've always had a lot of respect for this brother. Especially for going head on with Clinton during the 90's. I hope everyone watches this. Like Randall Robinson says "I wish the media would stop...