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    The following link is a historical breakdown of sidereal astrology for those of you who are interested. This is a link concerning Sun signs by zodiac and Tropical zodiac dates. This is an article...
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    Black People : Definition of a KNEEGROW

    http://www.********************/define.php?term=kneegrow What is your reaction when and/or if someone refers to you as a "kneegrow"? Do you view this a a term of endearment or a lack of respect?
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    Destee Network : 14 Steps to Black Unification
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    Black People : Sister Purple Moons and Brother Da Street Soulja

    Thanks for you support and overstanding. If it were not for the TWO of you and a few others I would not have been able to make it this far. Hotep!
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    From the earliest development of the Black Panther Party, there were COMRADES of the BPP such as the Chicano BROWN BERETS and the Puerto Rican YOUNG LORDS. As Black Student Unions developed in the late 60's and 70s in California, SOME BSU's became Panther "sister" organizations aligned with...
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    Spicy Brown

    Sister Destee, This is clearly a "personal attack". So long as this person remains a moderator I have two requests. One, please remove the link to my website from the front page. Secondly, please discontinue my premium...
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    Sister Destee

    In all honesty, thanks for your love and support. However, I can no longer tolerate the back-biting and nit-picking and impartiality of some of your moderating team. I LEAVE you in Peace, before I am banished! brother Omowale....
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    Egypt : The Sidereal Calendar and the Egyptian Decans

    This is just one of many articles related to this topic. While not exactly "religious" or "spiritual" in context this calendric system was CENTRAL to Kemetic culture and "religious" practice. This system is known by some as the SOTHIC CYCLE, but it was not solely a SOLAR CALENDAR, but also...
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    Egypt : LINGUISTIC CORRESPONDANCE: ANCIENT EGYPTIAN AND NAHUATL "Linguistic correspondance between nahuatl and ancient Egyptian appears to represent a smoking gun; that is, a trace of evidence that these two peoples did enjoy some kind of contact between themselves ages ago. The fact that we have no real...
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    Black People : Question

    What CULTURE worshipped this GODDESS?
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Ascended Masters

    A Personal Look at Spiritual "Guides" and "Inspirations".
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    Black People : Homies: A View of the Left Coast

    WARNING! Some of the language in the following videos might be personally offending to some people. However, they are REEL TALK among the folks who live and die in the streets of Cali.
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    Black Spirituality Religion : African Beginnings and Perspectives on Islam

    The following is from "African Beginnings" by Olivia Vlahos. "The Arabs came early to East Africa, and in the beginning, at least, they came in peace. They arrived in North Africa at a later date. And they came with the sword--the Sword of Islam."
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    Black People : An Examination of the Concept of Man (Men)

    The following is from Budge's "An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Reading Book". allow...monuments...buildings...funeral be arrive by bring into moor a be permanent or...
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    Omowale Jabali : Bee Colony Collapse: Threat to World Food Chain

    In a few forums I have mentioned some factors concerning the collapse of honeybee colonies. The following is a link to an article which discusses the potential danger to life on the planet Earth due to this breakdown in the eco-system. The BEE, in ancient Egypt, was seen as an living being...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : CREDO MUTWA

    The following link is to the website which is an unofficial source of information about Credo Mutwa, the most famous Zulu Sangoma in the world. The Biography section provides some detailed information into Credo's spiritual outlook.
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    A form of religion practised by the millions, but as misunderstood, and unreal to the majority as gravitation is to the untutored savage. We profess to live in the atmosphere of Christianity, yet our acts are as barbarous as if we never knew Christ. He taught us to love, yet we hate; to forgive...
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    African American History Culture : Mapungubwe

    One thousand years ago, Mapungubwe in Limpopo province was the centre of the largest kingdom in the subcontinent, where a highly sophisticated people traded gold and ivory with China, India and Egypt.