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    Peculiarrr situation lol

    This is a weird situation...This girl i went out with for like4 months (and was quite obsessed with...actually i still am a LITTLE BIT) well we broke up last june and now her sister is trying to talk to me. She wants me :shades: And both sisters know, my ex even consented to it for sum crazy...
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    Hey you guys, its october second which means- NIGERIAN INDEPENDANCE DAY. lol just so u guys know. In case u didnt know im half Nigerian, yoruba to be specific. You might have figured that out if only u knew my name - Adeshina
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    Black Poetry : Where have u been?

    I wrote this kind of like..a conversation between mother and child...its not auto biographical though, thank god lol. My dads snoring rather loudly on the couch right now actually...well- Enjoy Mommy where's daddy? Baby Dad's out clubbin Mommy where's daddy? Baby, daddy's out fu*k1n...
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    Black Poetry : Battlefield( juss talkin ****)

    The Battlefield Lyrically, I'm massively destructive. This is instinct, Not a product of instruction. You can't find it, if you have never had this. This was born in me, this poetic bliss. This high state of soul and mind; You can search for an eternity and never find. There...
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    Black Poetry : Allergic reaction

    I survey your life For a reason why you're so INSANE- Why do you play these games? It's like you don't know my name (Like Alicia Keyes complained.) So conceited- compliments go straight to you head! It's my fault though, I encourage you- I persist… But for one so beautiful as this...
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    Black Poetry : Walls

    Walls If these walls could speak Would u listen or believe Could u succeed or achieve Any better if they would speak They hear all that happens The sorrowful and the placid All the reactions And all the interactions of passion All the conjunctions of hate The moments of...
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    Black Poetry : The Last supper(K-last post lol)

    Heart crushed beneath foot to make wine… Love divine-denied… My love, no longer valid, you dined… On the essence of- all that was me… Was… My love. Love I saw as ordained by the almighty above… Love that should have been more than enough… But wasn't sufficient in those eyes of...
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    Black Poetry : I AM

    I AM I am black. What exactly is that? Black is me. I recite and memorize My identity within the mind- In case my actions should ever contradict… So I could find And with this knowledge verify Exactly who I am. Then act accordingly as a man. (Not just a simple man-no...
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    ANOTHER personal problem-lol

    Ok this is a little less explicit than my last post but here goes; I am involved with a female who truly adores me, but I dont like her anymore. In fact I cant stand her anymore-we have NO chemistry what so ever. Why am I still with her? It's kind of out of pity... she is a very lonely-...
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    Black Relationships : Serious question

    I dont know if im evil, inconsiderate, weird, anti social or what but...SOMETIMES...after sex...I dont really feel like being around the girl. I find myself making excuses to leave the bed or distance myself from her. It seems most girls want to lay there and like....just LAY and hold u- be...
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    Black Poetry : Lowered expectations

    Knock knock- hi, remember me? I'm the one you always wanted to see, be with. My name was- is well you know my name. Same name, tho not the same old same. What about you? I know, well- I think that you are very much different than before,such a new girl. Do I know you? Do i...
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    Black Poetry : Slippin(hard out here for a pimp)

    Man you slippin. I Thought you was pimpin, had 3 or 4 women, Ballin real big. Lived in the same hood as me but man, you was rich. You sold drugs, yes, but I figured a real man gotta get, what he gotta get. Seen you the other day on the old block Saw you buyin, not sellin rocks. Ever...
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    Black Poetry : Weeds

    They tell me that a rose by any other name…Remains a rose Like how a story is the same story no matter how it's told And sin is still sin no matter how good it feels A diamond coated with tin is a diamond still True? The stars still shine Even if they aren't perceptible in the day...
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    Black Poetry : POETRY

    POETRY Instantanious spiritual combustion. Compelled me to follow my hearts instruction, And flow with this new found inspiration. Though not power sufficient to move this nation, this motivation was suitible for me, To ripen poetry that fell from me like fruit from a tree, And...
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    Black Poetry : Statistics

    Statistics So many dead or Locked away. So many of the remainder Won't fly straight. It's hard to explain The feeling I get when I take a look at the statistics. Aids is epidemic And crack is still around. So many are confident That we are lost- won't be found...
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    Black Poetry : Redemption

    Redemption You do things in life That you could never justify. You say things I hope You don't truly mean. Sometimes you lie so it won't seem Like you're fragile or weak. It's like falsities improve you're self esteem. Soulfully you're not a healthy human being, With a...
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    Black Poetry : On depression

    On the subject of depression Depression; have you ever made his acquaintance? Have you ever felt alone As though you had no one, Even though you had many? Do you ever feel insignificant, unloved, though cherished by plenty? Have you ever felt this gaping hole inside of...
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    Black Poetry : REAL

    I once accepted all Never denied my quality Never questioned my sight I was never wrong Didnt once doubt in my mind That how i acted was right And when sh1t went wrong in my life It was always other people someone else fu*ki*g with me Secret saboteurs damaging my world...
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    Black Education / Schools : JOURNALISM

    I want to be a journalist one day, aside from being an author, and poet. I was wondering how much college you needed to be one, and if there was any school needed AFTER college. I know that an internship somewhere is a good idea and necessary, but can anyone help me out?
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    Black Poetry : Decisions

    A self made situation Something he did without a thought or concern Is now irreversible and To a child So complicated and frightening At the start he didn't fore-see In his immaturity This possibilty or The chance of this happening Yet still here they are Partners in...