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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : one of other nights

    even darker than the night surrounding us the siluetts of your body the summer's heat pretends closeness to origin of life when will we be home feading of other fields drinking of other waters protected by other roofs other skies over different worlds whenever the darkness of your...
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    Pan-Africanism : panafricanism?

    what do u understand when u hear "panafricanism"? all blacks united? change ur mind! read the shortstory the colour of my skin!
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    Black Short Stories : the colour of my skin

    The Colour of my skin The first time I have seen a white person was at my grandpa’s funeral. Or lets say rather the first time when I realized that I have a white person in front of me. He looked so very pale, white, like the coffin’s cloth. And suddenly there are a lot of memories: Playing...