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  1. abdurratln

    Black Spirituality Religion : The Role and Condition of Women in Islam

    Hey Sekhemu. Why don't you get off your sorry behind and do a googlesearch on women and Islam. You might learn something. It just so happened that I had that bit of information in the back of my mind all along. If the truth be told, I only recently learned about what the Muslim sisters are...
  2. abdurratln

    Black Spirituality Religion : Cults and False Religion among Africans

    I am busy right now. But, this is something that we need to discuss. So, please share your insight. I have plenty of information and I plan to post it later.
  3. abdurratln

    Black Spirituality Religion : Ramadan

    Observance of the Holy Month of Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Ramadan is the Month in which GOD Showed His Mercy to Mankind by Sending Quran to us. We expect the Month of Ramadan to begin within a matter of a few short days. This is the best time of the year for Muslims all over...
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    Uganda : TFG & Uganda Target Civilians

    Mogadishu — Bitter shelling targeted to Bakara market in Mogadishu killed about 5, wounding more than 20 others, witnesses said told Shabelle radio on Tuesday evening. Ali Muse Sheik, the official of the emergency traffic confirmed to Shabelle radio that they took more people from various...
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    Pan Africanism : The Destruction of the A-APRP

    Okay. Let's discuss it. How was the A-APRP destroyed? Why did it happen? Who were responsible. Are there any ways to fix it? What is the current condition of A-APRP. What the surviving factions? Who, if any are the sucessors? How does the demise of the A-APRP affect Pan-Africanism?
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    Black Relationships : Marriage in Islam

    It happens all te time. If we try to avoid this the issues and problems assciated with relationships, epecially male-female relationships among Africans, the issues and problesm coming looking for you. They want know if you are the problem when in reality they are the problem which is why we...
  7. abdurratln

    Kenya : Why Kenya And Ethiopia Ought to Annex And Divide Somalia

    Here it is, folks. I told you so: Why Kenya And Ethiopia Ought to Annex And Divide Somalia Donald Kipkorir 3 October 2008 Nairobi — Last month, Lehmans Brothers and Merrill Lynch, the world's foremost investment banks, went bankrupt and we witnessed the financial chaos in the western...
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    Black Events : Seeking Joint Solutions Show

    The show is called 'Seeking Joint Solutions'.The show is focusing on Zimbabwe and the youth farming projects underway.The presenter is DJProphetess. Broadcasting from 2pm - 5pm GMT.Listeners can call in between 3pm to 4pm GMT for comments on CALL THE STUDIO ON 0207 820 8266 , You can interact...
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    Black Muslims : Free Arabic Course Online

    The Islamic Center of Gweru, Republic of Zimbabwe is offering a Free Arabic course here: The course is designed for both beginners and advanced students. Plus, the student can listen to a native speaker and learn the correct pronounciation of sounds. In...
  10. abdurratln

    Zimbabwe : Opportunist uses unity with Zimbabwe land struggle to hustle Africans

    I must share this in this forum because I have spent years here trying to drum up support for Mafa's so-called project: Opportunist uses unity with Zimbabwe land struggle to hustle Africans AAPDEP terminates relationship with Kwanisai Mafa Dr. Aisha Fields, Director of the All African...
  11. abdurratln

    Sudan : News from Sudan

    Jack-in-the-box The Sudanese presidential election campaign is springing surprises, notes Gamal Nkrumah -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The quest to understand the mysteries of Sudanese politics is about to move to a new and utterly...
  12. abdurratln

    Sudan : Sudanese Unite! Day for Darfur Prospects for peace are still uncertain after a global day of action for Darfur and the Sudanese president's trip to Italy, writes Gamal Nkrumah --------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  13. abdurratln

    Black People : Brothers Abdurratln and Sekhemu Discussion

    One of the biggest problems we face is the notion of European this and Euroepan that. If a person is locked into his/her room all day or all week or all through his/her life, it becomes easy to perceive that the entire world in composed of four walls with pictures hanging them, a bed, a tv set...
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    Black People : Go! Go! Go! Sister "O" and Brother "O"

    The Oprah Ticket The most powerful woman in show business is about to do Barack Obama a big favor. Arnold Turner / Party Favor: For Obama View related photos Newsweek Sept. 10, 2007 issue - Oprah Winfrey has said she's not interested in running for president—but can...
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    Dear Africans, I would like to propose assigning my monthly membership dues to a share in the new African Irrigation and Develoment Project, FUDAA. This would entitle to a $10,000 share to be paid for in installments of $10 per month for 100 years. Beginning this month, I will be...
  16. abdurratln

    Black People Politics : Sister Obama hits a Bull's Eye

    Ouch! Obama’s Mrs. rips Hillary: Barack cooks up strategy as wife stirs pot By Herald wire services Wednesday, August 22, 2007 - Updated: 05:29 PM EST It’s not clear how intended the slap was. But the sting of Michelle Obama’s words last week while campaigning with her husband in...
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    Africa : Unity is the Best Plan for the African Nation

    Unity is the Best Plan for the African Nation Sheik Abdurrahman T. L. Nelson When we use the term African Nation, we speak of all Africans and people of African descent all over the world. This includes all Africans on the African Continent as represented by the African Union and the African...
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    Africa : Threats and Intimidations against Africans from Africans

    Taken from THURSDAY AUGUST 9, 2007 Last modified: Wednesday, August 8, 2007 10:39 PM CDT Editor of black Oakland paper slain Chauncey Bailey allegedly murdered over local coverage...
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    Try Google Alert

    I am primarily interested in keeping track of the worldwide discussion of Pan-Africanism. I use Google Alerts because they send me emails whenever a new entry is made under the keybwords Pan-Africanism. It does not work as it should all of the time. For instance, I seldom see my own entries sent...
  20. abdurratln

    Pan Africanism : It's On

    The following was shared from: It is a renering of a speech delivered by Brother Muamar Qaddafi in Free Town, Siera Leone enroute to the African Union Summit in Accra, Ghana, 2007: The Leader (Brother Muamar...