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    The Front Porch : How did you find Destee?

    I found out about the destee forums through www.******************
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    Black Entertainment : Kelis

    Hey Sayword, Welcome to the forum. I haven't heard her entire album but I have heard the 'Milkshake" song, I'm not trying to diss the sista or anything(I think that she has talent) but I think the song is stupid. I also find the video to the "Milkshake" song to be boring, it seems like she's...
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    Black People : Policed Nation

    Hesaid I suspect that the Michael Jackson story came along just in time to upstage the massive protest of George W. Bush in London. Since the corporate media was 100% behind George W. Bush in his invasion of Iraq, it is having a hard time explaining the vast amount of body bags that are...
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    Black Relationships : What are your thoughts on interracial dating?

    Quote from "The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept" 'When a white man [under conditions dominated by White Supremacy] has sexual intercourse with a Black female, the Black female not only becomes confused in her thoughts about Racism, but about all of her values, in all...
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    Black Jokes Humor : The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly funny.....
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    Black Jokes Humor : How 2 Please A Woman

    Yeah...this was funny....
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    Black People : who here believes only whites can be racist in america

    We all exist under a system of racism in the form of white supremacy. I don't see any Black supremacy in existent on the planet. I also don't see any Red supremacy or Yellow supremacy either. Therefore, white supremacy is the only functioning form of racism on the planet, how can Black people...
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    Haiti : What about the Haitians?

    Its definitely because they're Black people plus I've also heard that the US is still mad at the Haitians because Haiti was the first Black independent republic in the west..
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    Black People Politics : Rush Limbaugh is an Admitted Dope Addict...

    Rush Limbaugh..he's a waste of I'll simply say...Who Cares!!!
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    Black Picture Image Gallery : lets try this again

    Mama're locks are beautiful...Great Pictures!!
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    Black People : 'Ghettopoly'

    Yes ya'll this game is messed up but lets not have this scenario shift our attention from issues that are way more important. We all know what happens..a couple of our negro leaders will push the issue of this game by getting Black people riled up(like we don't have enough stress already) just...
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    Black People : From youre apinion.? What is the defenition of a" Ho."..

    Isanusu can you please define anti-sexuality? Thanks..
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    Black Entertainment : Jah Jah City video - Capleton

    I haven't seen the video but I know the song..Capleton always comes correct..
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    Black People : Woman

    Chaka this is a great message..Thanks for enlightening us.. Peace...
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    Black People : NEW MEMBER

    DailyLuv....Welcome to the forum...Glad u made it..
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    Destee Network : the Ashanti people(Akan) This is a very informative site which tells the history and culture of the ashanti people in Ghana. Its a great read..Check it out...
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    "Mother... Father... we need to talk...

    Thanks for answering my question Nia...So are you implying that there is no difference between being a homosexual and being in an incestous relationship..Please correct me if I'm wrong....
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    "Mother... Father... we need to talk...

    Hi Nia Maishani, may I ask why you pose this question?....just curious....Thanks
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    Black Relationships : How do you feel about successful Black Men dating White woman?

    Ok...why do we always concentrate on what "black people" do instead of what "white people" do? Who controls the society? Shouldn't we be concentrating on the people who control the society instead of the subjects? We all know why Black people act the way we act..all Black people on this...
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    Black People : What was the ROOT reason for slavery and racism now??

    Hmmm......As always white people are always studying us (black people)..why don't we do the same and study them instead of always studying our own...but of course we have been trained to only focus on ourselves..