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    Black People Politics : Is this thinking correct?

    You only need to hear the first 25 minutes. Tell me what you think.
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    Black Entertainment : Music and Messages to Inspire so that we do not Expire

    So, much to my amazement with the talent that is here, I do not see a thread that is just a simple playlist to relax to after dealing all day or night with western culture. There is a rich heritage of comfort, and protest, and love, and hate, among us folk. It might be trite today, but after you...
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    Black People Politics : Is it time for black folks to disengage with whites when discussing race?

    What say ye? It seems that the ignorance is indeed willful. Thoughts appreciated.
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    Support : Thank you!

    Thank you for the website. I will be good to fellowship with like minded people without getting trolled. I have one early request. Can you remove the this r from Au(r)sura? Thank You and looking forward contributing!