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  1. blazejay

    Black People : My own Confusion

    I'm confused by how things has been going as far as the treatment of people. Regardless of where you are from I thought this was America? Institution, Housing, and Economic racism and discrimination is still around My people are still the victims of this and no matter how much attention is...
  2. blazejay

    Black People : 2019: My Last Thread and Moving On

    2018, has been a frustrating painful year for me. This year from my observation had been a year Mark with a lot of let downs and disappointments. I have seen signs of a widening crack in our fragile, delusional A view that this country is so diverse and united that All problems are solved...
  3. blazejay

    Black People : Is Ignorance The New Norm?

    Hello, This is Mossi Yarobi for UWSDWF CH 77 News. I know and understand that we were once rulers of the world, but here's a mystery a group of people used religion as a trojan horse to steal our real story. Fast Forward to 2018, My people still believe uniting with those who bombed Black Wall...
  4. blazejay

    Ghana : Official Language

    :thankyou:Thank you :underground:
  5. blazejay

    Ghana : Official Language

    Hi, I am researching and wanted to know what is the official language of Ghana? I am also just preparing for possible relocating. I have a lot to offer, but it is useless here in America. I just looking for places to raise a family and educate my children.
  6. blazejay

    Black People : My misguided views: The prediction of the fall Part 2

    I know this is late, but it is going to be very brief. I did not come here to blame or stress anyone out, but the facts speaks for themselves. I just feel something about to happen and it's not good. I try to stay optimistic, happy, relax and carefree, but I see things that are not right and for...
  7. blazejay

    Black People : Self Determination/Separation From Whites.

    My brothers and sisters, I see that there's no other way than to separate. We have suffered so much in this country that it will not benefit us staying under this present system. I am not saying leave this land either because we have a stake in this land as well. We do need our own part of this...
  8. blazejay

    Black People : My misguided views: The prediction of the fall of our people

    Before I start I will like to note what I am about to say Here are facts that I have researched and I know for a fact Many will disregard my dire warning and refuse the truth, but time Will back my words so, have at it disagree and hate what I say,but History always has a strange way Of...
  9. blazejay

    Black Money Business Jobs : What are your views and thought about the economic future of our people?

    My view is one of skepticism and observation. I highly admire the works and video's of Dr. Claude Anderson, and I believe we do not have a chance to really succeed in Amerikkka.
  10. blazejay

    Black People : I don't know what to believe now

    I have been through a lot in the past four years excluding my life. I am still researching stuff, but religion is a heated issue now. I came to a conclusion that it is not for me because There are A lot of unanswered questions and no one who can give A straight answer. Even though my family...
  11. blazejay

    Black People : B.I.P.

    Yesterday my elder ascended in the morning and we are feeling it. I also lost my other elder on the same day so we kind of lost for words,but we are trying to hold each other up. I am saying this so if you never hear from me for a very long time, I am not going to sugar-coat it I will be...
  12. blazejay

    Black People : We are going backwards

    I also just prove another point from my elders. I come today to sincerely apologize and Thank You Destee. I did not come to argue or any extra stuff, the elders reminded me that my intentions were to listen and learn yesterday. I learn a lot and prove their research correct,and it sad Our and...
  13. blazejay

    Black People : We are going backwards

    I did not , I voted for an independent and I am not the problem because no matter what, if I did vote Hillary Trump was going to win still and I prove it by not voting either. They wanted Trump to win before he was nominated to run. They select the next president before we even went to the...
  14. blazejay

    Black People : We are going backwards

    Why should I? It would not matter who I voted for and why should I buy into the notion of voting only for two party candidates? That's the greatest problem, democrats did nothing and the republicans are not so, why vote for someone I do not care for in the first place? If I stayed at home like...
  15. blazejay

    Black People : We are going backwards

    I did not vote for any of the candidates and I knew trump was going to win, I voted for an independent candidate. My vote really did not matter. Our problem is going to be multiplied by 4x now, because we were distracted and Obamanized. We are going to pay a very heavy price and I dislike...
  16. blazejay

    Black People : When is it enough?

    What happening now is hitting home for me, and personally. I mean every shooting has affected or touched me in one way or another. This is blatantly non-sense that is going on point blank period. It is time, it has been time for us to put our differences aside and take a honest look at our...
  17. blazejay

    Black People Politics : The black lives matter movement vs the new black panthers:

    I view both as two pieces that has possibilities of doing great things, but they have their problems that need to be hammered out. I see that with a little work and resolution of the problems they can be a mighty force separately and powerful together. The problems I see for BLM is they have a...
  18. blazejay

    Black Money Business Jobs : Resurrecting Black Wall Street: Is it possible?

    I hope this topic is not a re-hash, but it is important to me. I am going to be honest, there are some that are trying to move in this direction and some who just gave up on the ideal. In my most humble opinion I feel that there is too much division and individualism to support such an idea...
  19. blazejay

    Black Relationships : I just want to speak my peace

    Thanks Imhotep, But on the real bro. it is kind of messed up how they did our homeboy. This thread was a release bro., she did homeboy dirty for that I trust none. I got that email and Yeah you was tweekin,but man you know my struggles but here is not the place. Let's link over east like I said...
  20. blazejay

    Black Relationships : I just want to speak my peace

    How is it sad? When people ask a question and you give a answer to why they can't handle the truth. Everyone going to have different experiences and views. This is a link that support my cause: