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    Pan Africanism : Taking Back the Tongue 1: Xhosa

    I would like to seriously see us begin relearning the Mother tongues that were taken from us. Our voices were literally silenced in many ways. I'm going to try to gather as much information as I can and compile it in a series of threads called "Taking Back the Tongue"--each devoted to a...
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    Black People : "Change": Your Views on the Current Political Scene"

    I started this thread because I was accused of being "off topic" in another thread. Heaven forbid I don't want to spin the topic off course :rolleyes:. So I'll ask here in a thread specifically devoted for it. It seems that if you question Obama's presidency, you are suffering from the...
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    Black People : Rise of the Planet of the Apes

    Did anyone see this? Did anyone besides me think, "Yakub"?
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    Black People : Clinton Concerned about "New" Colonialism?

    Really now???
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    Black People : I Would Simply LOVE to Know...

    I saw this headline and knew....KNEW before I clicked on it that whoever it was had managed to find her way into Africa to "rescue" (...or is it more appropriate so say "rescue SOMETHING"?) yet another "lost" Black baby...
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    Black People : Celebrating the Original (Black) Australians

    The Little Ones... ...
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    Black People : The Indian Slave Owner

    Another piece of the puzzle that has received little attention... .
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    Black People : Repatriation: Another (Closer) Look

    I can't remember if this has been posted before, but, if so, I'm reposting it for a refresher. Here is the story of diasporan African/Black people who have repatriated to Ghana. The stories are heartwarming, and as stated within, also somewhat bittersweet. It helps to get an insider's...
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    Black People : Understanding Your Own Power: Still Believe You Need to Rely on Others?

    I'm glad that I found these clips because they are textbook examples of what I've stressed about rediscovering and relying on your own (brain) power and labor instead of that of exploitive outsiders to impact your reality. Pay special attention to the rural scientist(s) who are key innovators...
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    Black Entertainment : Confronting Old Demons: A Look at "Maangamizi"
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    Pan Africanism : Nigerian Foster Children in the U.K.: Another Piece of the Racial Puzzle

    I haven't had time to fully investigate this yet, but I did something I don't really do on the regular---watched The Monique Show. Last evening she interviewed Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, the actor who played Adebisi in the prison drama, "Oz," some years back. I've not really seen him in too...
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    Black People : Happy Birthday Remby!!

    Happy Birthday Ms. Remby!!!! I hope you have a well-deserved enjoyable and safe one!!! :bday::bday::bday::birthday::birthday::birthday: :band::band::band::dance1::dance1::dance1:
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    Black People : Happy Birthday Son of Ra!!

    Happy Birthday Son of Ra!! :bday::bday::bday::bday: :birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday:
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    Haiti : Haiti through Haitian Eyes

    The following is an interesting and informative interview on Haiti--it's history and recent events--as told through the perspective of a Haitian woman. At some point, a continuation is expected; meanwhile, however, enjoy...
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    Black People : Justice and Revenge

    I'm not sure if this question has been posed or not, but is there a difference, in your opinion, between the concepts of justice and revenge? If so, what specific details distinguish the two? Thanks in advance!
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    Black People : Straight from the Horse's Mouth?: "The Undisclosed Truth"

    How much truth is she revealing about the root of our collective dilemma as a race? (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)
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    Black People : Are we REALLY listening to Fuller and Welsing?

    The color ideologies put forth by Dr. Frances Welsing and Mr. Neely Fuller have made many of us think about the nature of white supremacy. As Black people, we are often left not only analyzing white supremacy but pondering our own mindsets about color politics. We learn that white supremacy...
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    Black People : Is the Rastafarian Movement Under Racial Siege?

    Recently, we were discussing seeing many "locked" individuals with nonblack women on their arms. I've wondered what kind of religion requires you to turn a blind eye to your own. I knew this older brother who once told me that many of these individuals are not the genuine Rastas----who are...
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    Black People : MWALIMU BARUTI'S COMING TO DESTEE 07/11/06 @ 9 pm ET !!!

    :roll: :roll: :roll: Hey family! Yet another esteemed revolutionary scholar has agreed to grace us with his presence here at Destee's place! Mr. Mwalimu Baruti will appear in voice video chat on Tuesday, July 11, 2006 @ 9 pm ET. Mr. Baruti is an educator who brings with him years of research...
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    The controversial author and activist is scheduled to come to chat here at Destee's on Tuesday evening, April 18, 2006 at 9 p.m. EST/6 p.m. PST, and ALL are invited. Her 'tough love' stance on empowering the Black man and Black woman all over this globe has caused much controversy among those...