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  1. Nahshon

    Black Poetry : The Waters

    Instead of what up my n###a what up my brother Why not what up my water Water The most abundant compound of elements vital for all life Some call it H2O We believe this to be the compound But I am here to tell you there are many types of water Some literal some figurative Let's start...
  2. Nahshon

    Black Poetry : Trouble

    So much trouble in the world So much trouble in the world Natural disasters steadily rising All round the world today So many earthquakes shakes we Amounted 1070 just this week Hurricanes plague coast cities Tornadoes hit the open plains Tsunami’s in the Asian countries Natures out of...
  3. Nahshon

    Black Poetry : The Lust Chronicles II (Feed The Need)

    She stands before him In his abode In his bone room Two doors down from the blue room And across the hall from the throne room His humble quarters The place where the shhht goes down Where grown folks business is handled And he is about to handle her Like a sexstarved caveman And in his eyes she...
  4. Nahshon

    Black Poetry : The Circumvention Of Conception

    Temptation Frustration The wanting desire To give in To give in to The Full knowledge Of what pleases self Trying to find out also What pleases current conquest My Voyeuristic Tendencies Are Simple pleasures Enjoy slow tempo Mood setters Like scented candles Incense Wine or liquor...
  5. Nahshon

    Black Poetry : Bedchamber Blessings

    Beloved...the skin to my true closest kin...blessed we have been...sacrifices we've made...all ways for the greater good...taking the shape of our we can appreciate our quiet times...and reflect on what joins us as one...solemn vows taken at heights of heart...
  6. Nahshon

    Black Poetry : Candy Store Conversations

    You wore a skirt made of Skittles and you asked me to taste the rainbow I told you my sweet tooth could easily cause your heavens to overflow You asked me, how many licks would it take to get your Tootsie Roll center to pop? I answered, I don't know…but even if it popped, who says I'd ever...
  7. Nahshon

    Black Poetry : Shades of Grace

    Shades of Grace Standing, she the ebony danseuse figure Pictured, as the beauty of Queen Sheba or Cleopatra Pigmented, she the shade of blue black divinity of nocturnal imageries Glistens, as her effervescence a scent of peppermint and lilac fill the air Named, Grace for her blessings are...
  8. Nahshon

    Black Haiku : Complications Haikus

    Complications Haikus The situation a web of complications a drug addiction she is on the white she sells herself day and night just to get her right she even hustles while her man sits in a jail she is doomed to fail Nahshon-Rae
  9. Nahshon

    Black Haiku : Live Better

    I will have to try To be a much better guy As long as I live
  10. Nahshon

    Black Poetry : Don't Have To Fear Goodbye

    Don't Have To Fear Goodbye Some people say goodbye with a thousand tears Some goodbyes tend to go on for years. Some say their goodbyes with a final kiss. If we truly said that word, its you I'd miss. You need not fear goodbye I won't leave you. Unless I fall out and die. I won't leave you...
  11. Nahshon

    Black Poetry : Blues In Blue

    (this poem was written during the Abner Louima incident...yes this poem is that old) I know who you are Mr. Blues in Blue I seen you hurt my brothers 10 on 2 I've seen what C.O.P.S. really stand for Just Crazy-men Out Patrolling Streets Looking for my brothers to beat The White in Blue...
  12. Nahshon

    Black Poetry : Warm Agape Love

    Warm Agape love... this i need to spread to you... I know it's been awhile... you and I are both busy this is true... but I just had to take the time to say... love peace and blessings to you this day... and if one should ever falter or ever get led astray... the Father in Heavens will show the...
  13. Nahshon

    Black Poetry : To Be In Your Dreams

    I have not come to know you...but wish to… You have been ever present within my thoughts You are seer peering into my soul… Though never letting me know… Who it is that you are… Do you think…of me…for me…because of me… Do I ever enter your nocturnal imagery's??? Would that I could transform...
  14. Nahshon

    Black Poetry : Your Daddy Loves You

    Your Daddy Loves You Sweet little brown eyed boy A son, before birth I once dreamed of A daughter your momma wanted In my mind I knew you were to be my son It’s kind of painful now, to think of the time without you near But one thing you always need know Your daddy loves you dear Your daddy...
  15. Nahshon

    Black Poetry : Unbreakable Woman

    Unbreakable Woman (revised) Spiritually uplifting Incessantly giving Virtuously living Queen mother, divine is she Blessed from above is she These blessing she passes to her progeny Self-empowering, self-sustaining Yet never selfish Family always maintaining Her they truly relish Strength...
  16. Nahshon

    Black Poetry : What I need

    What I need right now is a warm embrace Someplace to lay and nuzzle my face Skin to skin is no sin if it's in it's proper place Pockets empty yet pants are still laced With a richness between thighs I am tempted to make passes at you Run Tell & show you who I am I want to feel the comforts of...
  17. Nahshon

    Black Poetry : The Bear and The Honey Spot

    The Bear and The Honey Spot If I were a man I’d dip my cinnamon stick into your honey pot Swirling it around, never wanting to stop Sweet sensations I’d want to taste what you’ve got Yet I am just a big old bear devouring honey from your tree spot And you are just a honeybee excreting sugary...
  18. Nahshon

    Black Poetry : And We Write

    And we write Touch they do The very soul Lexis of power Poems of the poets Vibe session blessings The utterance of the mind Becomes declarations voiced Exclamation of our times Expressions of choice Visceral for you ears Audible for you eyes We are new breed poets, new millennium revised...
  19. Nahshon

    Black Poetry : Thug Life

    (To the music of Pop Life by Prince) What's the matter with you life Is you lady jerking you round Do you need something to relieve your frown Would materialism, chemical healing Get you in her wet box Tell me, what's going on in your world Is it time to get a new girl (time to get a new...