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  1. Blackbird

    Black People : A Possible 21st Century Black Wall Street

    "A vacant Connecticut town is up for auction, and two young black hopefuls are attempting to raise funds to purchase the land and turn it into a 21st Century Black Wall Street. Following the rise in publicized police brutality, more African Americans are viewing economic freedom as a necessity...
  2. Blackbird

    Black People : Information vs Knowledge

    I recently connected with an old friend a few weeks ago and had a discussion on a lot of things. During the conversation, he brought up that there was a difference between information and knowledge. My friend said a lot of people have information but very few have knowledge. He asked me if I...
  3. Blackbird

    Black People : An Update: The ANCESTORS and SPIRITS are REAL - not fake (A fascinating journey to the Realm)

    What does it means to be African? Ok beautiful Black folk of Destee, I know I said I would be gone for some time, I just can't stay away from here. Lol... Well actually I am just dropping by momentarily to give you all a reflection of some of things I have experienced lately and the thoughts...
  4. Blackbird

    Black People : Ideology - the new Black Mental Slavery

    I know my head is going to get whacked off for this, but I am going to it out there. I have seen a lot of ideology and rhetoric paraded on Destee. I am guilty of it myself, even recently. What do you all think?
  5. Blackbird

    Black People : Leaving Destee

    Well Destee fam, It's been chill... I will be leaving Destee shortly in the next week. On my latest return, I have learned a lot. I thank everyone that assisted in that. It's time to get back to work. Again I want to thank everyone for your teaching, sharing and just overall thoughts. I wish...
  6. Blackbird

    Black People : Hard Work and Bullets: The White American Narrative and The Black Person

    Earlier today, I advocated an anti-gun stance on another thread regarding recent shootings in Chicago. Some thought that I was explicitly stating that banning guns would solve the violence in Chicago and throughout the country. That wasn't really my point... my point began about 2 months ago...
  7. Blackbird

    African Traditional Religion : Question for those that follow a Kemetic practice

    Since I follow a couple traditions, I was just curious how those who adhere to Kemetic traditions follow them. Please forgive my ignorance. 1. How would you define your practice? Is it more philosophical? Is it more spiritual in nature? 2. Do you belong to a house or do you practice in...
  8. Blackbird

    Black People : The Themes are always the same, the Emphasis Just Changes

    Thinking heavily about the post the brother Khasm13 posted about whitewashing in the latest movie, something hit me on how the subject matter feed to Black people via movies periodically changes. I will start with the 90's and move on up since those are the times I am most familiar with. During...
  9. Blackbird

    Black Spirituality Religion : Ori and its role in Black Self-Sufficiency

    For those who are familiar with the concept of Ori, what do you feel is its role to Black people overall given the condition we face in America?
  10. Blackbird

    Black People : Elements of Community

    What were the most meaningful expressions of community that you recall from your childhood years? Is it still present where you live?
  11. Blackbird

    Black People : Gangs, drugs and the rest

    Were anyone ever involved in street gangs? Ever sold or did drugs? Never finished high school or got a GED? Been incarcerated? What happened to make you change?
  12. Blackbird

    Black Spirituality Religion : Negative Spiritual Work

    Is there ever a time to do negative spiritual work against others? If so, when is the time right to do so?
  13. Blackbird

    Black Spirituality Religion : What Is The Purpose of Trying to Disprove Christianity?

    What is the purpose for trying to disprove Christianity or trying to showcase the number of contradictions within the Bible? What is the purpose for trying to prove scientific thinking that supports an atheist interpretation as a white man's thought? What is the purpose of debating whether...
  14. Blackbird

    Black People : What Is A Priority? What are the most pressing needs of Black People?

    What do you think is a priority for Black people, either individually or collectively, that we have not been doing up to this point? I guess this segues with needs. So what are the most pressing needs of Black people in America, if we have any? Then again, in order to identify 'the most...
  15. Blackbird

    Destee Network : Ujamaa Village - Cool Site

    I wanted to share a cool little site:
  16. Blackbird

    Black Men : Black Boys are not Innocent like Other Boys - Study

    One public perception that seeks to exterminate the Black boys. "Children in most societies are considered to be in a distinct group with characteristics such as innocence and the need for protection," study author Phillip Atiba Goff of UCLA told the American Psychological Association. "Our...
  17. Blackbird

    Black People : Chokwe Anta Lumumba: Continuing the Vision!/newsDetail/24944891
  18. Blackbird

    Black Spirituality Religion : African Spiritual Traditions! Would you be willing to?

    Would you be willing to look into an African Spiritual Tradition? This is question is meant for those who haven't look into one before, but of course are at liberty to answer. For those who have looked into an African Spiritual Tradition, 1. How many have you looked into? 2. Were you a...
  19. Blackbird

    Black People : Semiotics in American media and the inference of Black inferiority/criminality

    As many of you are aware, I started a thread about the things hindering Black progress; however, I allowed it to disintegrate before I really got to my point of the thread. I wanted to show the incidents and events that were traumatic or potentially traumatic for Black people since being in...
  20. Blackbird

    Black People : What Things Have Hindered Black Progress

    A few days ago I was involved in a conversation with a fellow member of Destee. The member pointed out what appears to the relatively successful progress of Hispanic Americans compared to African Americans. Initially, I felt that any comparison was inherently insensitive, downright racist and...