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    Black People : Is It Time To Give White Girls A Chance

    If my eyes didn't deceive me, I think i saw an IR site at the top of the page. With that said, about 200,000 yrs ago certain groups of Africans with common language among them migrated up thru Egypt into the mid East. They eventually lost their skin color as the Caucus mountain...
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    Black People : Lovely Muslimah Explains Her Preference For Muslimah Clothes I think she makes it plain. I don't think any1 should be made to wear anything but this is America and it's her choice. She is also a lovely flower.
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    Black People : One Punch Cop Killer Sought In 3 States

    Check out this bro kill this pig. He is from New Orleans but may be in Dallas or Htown. I don't think he meant to kill the cop but it's considered manslaughter.,0,5715944.story
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    Black Entertainment : Life Jennings Tries 2 Help A Sista Out In His New Song

    I think a few of his stats was a little off. But i like when he says, Make Him Work For it, If he cheated on her, tell him you're celebant, and don't be a nickel trying to date a dime(blunt but true)
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    Black People : Black Masculinity Homosexuality and Interacial Propoganda The your men are gay theme is constanly used again and again in IR blogs to convince black women that they better DATE WHITE MEN OR DIE SLEEPING WITH THOSE DL Brothers of your own kind. Can you say Maafa 21
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    Black People : Protecting White Women_Why Rap Is So Industrialized

    I haven't done a youtube vid in a while. I was forced to take down over 6 vids because of flags from people who are part of the IR complex and hate the truth. I think the right black woman is the best thing for a black man but lets be real, music is our language. Everything from the beats to...
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    Black People : Getting In Touch With My Feminine Side

    There is a notion among many that women have always been an utterly oppressed gender under the control of the neolithic neandrethal male who clubs her in the head and pulls her into his cave. But one need only study history to see that Rome, Persia, Egypt(Kemet), the Mayans, Bugandans, and many...
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    Science and Technology : New Solar System Found With 3+ Planets Yet another solar system similar to ours found not too far from our galxy. It has 5 planets rotating around their sun in a normal pattern. No life that we know of yet though.
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    South Africa : White Genocide In South Africa?!?!

    Now this video is just plain pathetic. Just give it a look, it's only about 4 minutes and tries to convince whites and Americans in general that whites are being massacred in SA. I wonder what does the maker of this vid have to say about the "Ab Origies" that once existed in Tasmania. He goes on...
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    Black Education / Schools : Louisiana Schools Teaching Black Males They Are Retarded

    I decided to do this thread because yesterday I was with a female friend who has a son that can play video games and pretty much anything any other kid can do but I heard him say to me that he doesn't need to know how to read even though he could pretty well. I said why and he told me that he is...
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    Black People : Insensitivity Patriotism and The Ground Zero Mosque

    A word that I have heard used and overused in the grond zero Mosque debate is the Muslims insensitivy to the widows of the dead people who was killed on 911 and to New Yorkers in general. With that said, I would personally like to take a second or two to roll on the floor laughing while...
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    Black People : How Feminism Needs Homosexuality To Thrive

    It's very simple. Feminism can't exist without weak men. Feminist will never let the gay crowd go as it is vital to their survival and existence but just listen to the Mayor of BlackTown lay it down very plain and simple. The culture of feminism is responsible itself for the deadbeat brother and...
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    Black People : The Ugly Union Of VooDoo And Prostituion This is truly sad as people use the ignorance of many still dwelling in the spiritual ignorance to hold, suppress, and enslave young African children in widespread underage prostitution rings all across Europe.
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    Black People : Dr. Laura Call Black Woman In Mixed Marriage The N Word!w.-Audio The audio is on several other sites also but apparently some black female with a white husband who hangs around guys that use the n word all the time called Dr Laura to ask her what to do about...
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    Black People : Himba-Strong Black Women Who Work With Their Men

    Don't you just love their beauty and loyalty to their men. No girlpower movement here. Just strong women with a high sense of loyalty and with much self respect. Could you ever see one of these gurls prostituting or selling herself for the sake of being a liberated woman. I also love their...
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    Black People : How To Make Society and The Negroe Hate Himself

    Plz print this article and post it in your room. It is well written and extremely hard hitting. It leaves no questions unanswered and debunks any notion of "conspiracy"
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    Haiti : Haiti's Leaders Show The Bankrupt Nature of Black Leadership

    I was talking to a missionary brother who just return from Haiti recently and he told me of the almost inhuman way that the government does it's people. I don't have any links, so you'll just have to trust me on this 1. He told me and other brothers of the absolute devilish selfishness and...
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    Black Women : Strong Independent Black Women=Bamboozled Stat 1 a true sista speakin truth to power!!!
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    Black People : Minister Farrakhan Warns Wyclef To Not Be A Political Tool Apperently the Minister of the painful truth had some insight back in Febuary at Savior's Day as to what the elites and politicians were gonna try to do with Wyclef.
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    Black People : The End Of The Internet As You Know It=( The Wall St take over of your cpu is in full effect. Get ready to pay for everything and be spammed with endless popups if you don't. Sign the sheet at the bottom of the page please.