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    Black Poetry : triple threat

    *beams* Thanks, family. I tell ya, sometimes it gets hard out there.
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    The Front Porch : Destee Bureau of Missing Persons

    HEY!! Anybody miss me? I know it's been a loooooong time, but I'm back, and I hope to stay. The quick version: finished my certificate, found a job in an unrelated field, got married, had another son, lost my job, and here I am.
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    Black Poetry : triple threat

    are you talking to me? with that excuse me please pointing to the back of the line where I’m expected to wait for Hell to freeze over and over I ask you what did I do to be so black and blue that my color stands for weakness evil and negativity ignorance and miseducation I look at you...
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    Black Picture Image Gallery : new family pic

    *sigh* Yeah, I'm hoping. :)
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    Black Relationships : Can two people marry without dating first?

    As a Muslim woman, I am currently intended to a brotha that I have never met face to face. W've exchanged phone calls, emails, pictures, etc.. but we have not yet mat face to face. God willing, that day will be coming soon. I have gotten to know him on an intellectual level, first and foremost...
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    Black Picture Image Gallery : new family pic

    Thanks for the love people! And Brother Pan, what-ev-er!! :)
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    Black Picture Image Gallery : new family pic

    Thanks fam. I can't keep that boy in shoes! LOL..
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    Black Children : MySpace Account??
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Is Abraham Black, White or Just Myth!!!!

    I thought that Abraham came from Ur, which, I have read, is located in modern day Iraq (or possibly Iran)?
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    Africa : Millions of Africans Are Starving: UN

    Me? No.. I'm an American.
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    I'm very close to my parents, especially my father. My mother have gotten closer over the years, but she has a lot of judgements and opinions that I do not agree with. My father usually won't give an opinion, but will listen respectfully to my thoughts. Both parents are indispensible to me. Now...
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    Africa : Millions of Africans Are Starving: UN GENEVA: People in Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti and Ethiopia need food aid, water, new livestock and seeds, the Rome-based Food and Agriculture Organization said in a statement."Millions of people are on the...
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    Black People : Happy Birthday sista (Toylin )

    Wow. I totally missed this. Thanks, family! Y'all so special. I had a pretty decent day.
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    Black Women : What do you mean when you say ... "Be a Man"

    I think most (rational) people would agree that when they say "be a man" they're telling him to be responsible, to be the head of the household, to "put his foot down" and behaive in such a way that properly compliements his "manhood." In the face of everything, we (in society and most...
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    Black Relationships : Tips For Single Mothers Raising Sons

    Well, I must say that all of this is good advice. Thankfully, my son's father plays a very active in his life, plus both of his grandfathers (my father and my ex's father) are still living, ready, willing, and able to step in.
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    Black People : The Company You Keep...

    Well, in that case, maybe I'm just confused. LOL. Seriously. My friends habuts/attitudes are so widely varied I'm not even sure it's funny. Out of my 4 closet friends (3 males, 1 female... known them for 13 years, 13 years, 11 years and 10 years)...... 2 have high/are pursuing degrees, 1 dropped...
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    Black People : What Exactly Do Some of You Guys Do For A Living?

    Feel better Dual Karnayn! As for me, I'm currently working as a Security Guard at a steel mill. I trust some of you men like women in uniform...... LOL!
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    Djibouti : Don't know much about Djibouti... OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Djibouti Geography Area: 21,883 sq. km. (8,450 sq. mi.); about the size of Massachusetts. Cities: Capital--Djibouti. Other cities--Dikhil, Arta, Ali-Sabieh, Obock, Tadjoura. Terrain: Coastal desert. Climate: Torrid...