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  1. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : Getting across

    Talking for the 1st person, 2nd person and 3rd person Overstanding everyones conversations in succession Wanting to really get back Something is calling 4 facts All the time committed to current revenues Your strength through views 3's in this Me You & Us Matter as usual chatter Coming 2 gather...
  2. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : SJ2MM

    Strange Jobs 2 Make Money To others assuming this isn't the road to change Strangeness is the unknown committed to survival Ways of satisfaction is not willing to change Making ourselves up daily to become the money maker you form Going out of your way to show up To be the title you've been...
  3. candeesweet

    Support : Becoming a Premium Member

    It's all good! Relax! We have come so far with You Always in our corner supporting us! The Fam has total patience for your excellence! Which you give consistently! Thank You For being here for ME Destee! I Love You Sis! Nikki
  4. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : Hairoic

    Freedom does not seem to be free How people look at my individual send their minds too drawn in a sea Of judgement no doubt Feeling of me taunting How is tht jungle yours & how did this happen Swinging it around no one can fathom these individuals not being able to begin Classes can be taken A...
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    Support : Becoming a Premium Member

    Found it on my profile page as an option!
  6. candeesweet

    Support : Becoming a Premium Member

    Hello Tech Support and Destee Love your new layout and I hope your happy! I can't find the button to become a Premium Member. Let me know:)
  7. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : Simply gravy

    The toppings that only protein can take Potatoes being in between Built w/ all things white but coming out blk as day Catch 22 built up to be quite obvious Dark all ways coming for taste We want that man made crisp edges fall off frivolously Still melting naturally maybe a drull comes fast...
  8. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : Will you

    Take me in Get to know growing How much I see Love my deed Knowing the limits Every ones tomorrow can quit it Simply will you Join me in asking do you Member the presents We once would exchange One of those needed things Presenting our souls as married even though...
  9. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : Images

    It comes to be Known as to be Seen as short as **** This beating forever shucks Games of Fames onces hard To tell how the real never fibs Extravagant maybe will scream For more schemes Them hems these days purposely be part of the short crew Coming by to always screw That mind tight w/ my sights
  10. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : That Black Girl

    Inspiration: Listening to an interview on WIPB with an African American Female editor. She is speaking about being one of 2 editors that resemble one another through the first impression of That Black Girl. The confusion of the 2 still happen quite haphazardly. Even though they are physically &...
  11. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : What to do?

    Thank You so much for your support Sis!
  12. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : Why be mad?

    Metaphorically as day Time standing still for now Opening these eyes as shay Looking up immediately to see the flow Breaking news usually being sad Wishing metaphorically speaking news to be made for me Finding me instinctively My mind being spoken to Knew what was the mint Gaining fresh...
  13. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : What to do?

    I too have a repetitive nature, while I try to seek outside too.
  14. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : What to do?

    OMG Sis Like I wrote before throughout my life It's full of pros and cons Life being like a Brother we steadily praise But yet sacrifice our rain(chance to grow) For a stance that's been made from inside Ourselves Still life is a controversial plan Opening our mind to ups and downs May help me...
  15. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : What to do?

    Quest put forth by all humans Everyone having their own date to Communion Beginning to sound as a sacrificial lamb Viewing it all as sacrificial night time pounds Confessions & Confusions coming with the day time light Another sound overheard as a time of plight Being in that trance Of...
  16. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : The Clap back

    As your pulse speeds up Here comes your backlash loop We are in a state of a know nation Facts & Props are viewed as a roundup promotion Clubs are needed for the new generation clap A simple song back in the day propelled us to sit on that lap Stick out what ya workin' wit And do the butt We...
  17. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : Write to Live

    The harmony in taking in what is what Again to party like it's 19999 to get it out somewhat Telling & testifying to all how I came to be in this situation Feeling different I know at the time labeled as a fabrication I'm going over this while I live Having my writes speak seriously for my...
  18. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : When we met

    My commitment could not yet be seen Me being honestly a shoot & steal fein It's like oh shoot How I'm gonna take this in my being shot Exploring & giving in for what I sought Dynamics being my motives subjugated Then you & I become one never to congregate Again exspecting a little more
  19. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : No Details lie

    About who the culprit could be The beginning is always in need of being seen The black ink stored away then found Details seem to be loud sounds Made through the ink formed in the notes Around the first names little notes Formed as we read now anewed My eyes feeling taste of morning water at dew...
  20. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : Taxes people pay

    What lies in the constitution? We don't have a stake in Sauce needed but not required Know your taste Water required to wash down all that crap.