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  1. jamesfrmphilly @ jamesfrmphilly:
    chief has not been fired
  2. Kemetstry @ Kemetstry:
    Glad the chief was fired
  3. Ms Drea @ Ms Drea:
    Love & Blessings Everyone!!! Listen to Smooth Jazz in Destee Chat Room Today!!
    (4) Police had this wrong, knew it was for a motorcycle and if it was from another state. How did they here the radio dispatch? Police detained and handcuffed a Black mother and Four Children after mistaking their SUV! ... For a Stolen Motorcycle from Another State. The Police Chief was Fired
  5. J @ justawhiteman:
    How about some goods news? I hope you enjoy this and I hope this information lifts you up. off-site links are not allowed in shoutbox
    October 1929, when the wheels came off and the global economy collapsed. ... Fast forward to 2020 The president promised an October surprise.
  7. Kemetstry @ Kemetstry:
    How many evictions and foreclosures will occur in the next 90 days?
    The Emperor Has No Clothes ...President... KEEPS SAYING (1917) ... The pandemic was not in 1917 ... It was in 1918 when a pandemic required mask around the world.
    Europe has a (90) minute Corona Virus Test. The technology has been available for some time now. Will we use this test here becomes the question?
  10. OldSoul @ OldSoul:
    Starting in 2 mins
  11. OldSoul @ OldSoul:
    CONSCIOUSNESS RAISING ONLINE - Live Today - Sunday Aug 2nd - Noon ET - Topic: One of the Biggest Heists in History -
  12. Kemetstry @ Kemetstry:
    Don't do your homework, go to jail. I'm sure even the weeniest kid would rather have a spanking
  13. Kemetstry @ Kemetstry:
    And yet, the people keep electing them. They only care about the rich
  14. HODEE @ HODEE:
    Every time a Republican is in Office the Economy is damaged Real Bad on the way out or during the terms they are elected. So Bad a Democrat then is given the mess to clean up. Happens every time. Why ( CLEAN UP on All the Aisles ) :injured:
  15. HODEE @ HODEE:
    The Economy is is currently in a Recession so deep. :brickwall: Something is so false. When it happened in 2008, we all quickly saw, and felt the damage. Lost houses and such. The GDP which is the measure used was less than ( 10% ) Ten percent. in 2008 . _ 2020 Right Now the GDP is Negative ( -39 % ) percent and we feel nothing :brickwall: It is (4) times as bad as the collapse we experienced in 2008. It will take over ten years to see daylight after this settles. Hang On.. Blessings
  16. HODEE @ HODEE:
    Blessing Destee Family, Guest and Robot
  17. Ms Drea @ Ms Drea:
    Ase' Congressman John R. Lewis (1940-2020) Love & Blessings to Family!!:heart:
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    Apr 1, 2017
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