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    Black People : Older Generation, what influences are you leaving on the Young?

    I'm not only reading your post...I read the complete thread but since you started the thread I thought I would start by replying to your question. Perhaps I shouldn't have quoted your response to another poster in my reply. My badd.
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    Black People : Older Generation, what influences are you leaving on the Young?

    What do you want to learn from the older generation? If you were one-on-one with an elder, what kind of questions would you ask? Would you listen to what they have to say even if you think they are "telling" you something of value? I say "telling" because often when an elder speak, we think...
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    Black Women : Dr Joy Degruy

    Not only interesting but very enlightening Peace
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    Black People : Today's Black Leaders are they doing enough?

    no truer words have been spoken....that is the first step.
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    Black People : Digital Divide Closing as Blacks Turn to Internet

    That's Good News .... In Atlanta, I've been a part of a small group of people since 1998 who got together from a local internet discussion group, discussing issues such as this, and made reducing the Digital Divide our main initiative. We tackled it from both ends...we focus on our youth, by...
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    Fathers and their little boys

    Absolutely! Excellent Post Brother
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    Black People : WHO OR WHAT IS A "NICE GUY"?

    I feel ya, but that suspicion seems to go a lot deeper my sister. Don't get into the game of trying to guess the intentions of a person, even the best can be fooled. Genuine adoration is revealed in more ways than one...focus on everything, not just what you want to see, it won't take long to...
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    Black People : WHO OR WHAT IS A "NICE GUY"?

    That's unfortunate brother James, but I'm beginning to think you're right about that.
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    Black Relationships : Which is more important in a relationship

    It can get UGLY BOTH ways lol You did say that you "loved" him until you found out something about him that caused you to lose respect. This is what I'm saying...When you "loved" him you respected him also. When you lost the lost the love. If I'm loved...I will have her respect...
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    Black People : WHO OR WHAT IS A "NICE GUY"?

    It seems to me that the focus shouldn't necessarily be on "nice guys" but moreso on why can't we appreciate those that do nice things for us? Instead of reciprocating, why do we choose to take advantage of someone's generosity? If someone do something nice for us, why can't we appreciate that...
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    Black Relationships : Which is more important in a relationship

    So far no one chose love in the poll. I can almost understand why, the word "love" is very confusing and has different meanings to each of us. I choose love. If done right, being loved in a rcourtship or marriage is the ultimate euphoria one can achieve. I want my friends, associates and...
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    Black Women : Do Black Women Know How To Listen?

    We have to be able to visualize a concept or a thought in order to understand it. If someone is explaining something to us or is conversing with us, what do we say when we understand what they are saying?...Oh yeah I see. I see what you're's clear as a picture. We have visualized the...
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    Black Women : Do Black Women Know How To Listen?

    I'm listening ... Sister, I believe you have hit the nail on the head, as to why we might have misunderstanding among each other on these boards and yet this post has gone unacknowledged. Thank you for offering yourself for a more open dialogue in future discussions and I and I hope others...
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    Do you know how to build a house?

    Greetings NNQueen :) Boy did you bring back memories. I have always "built" things every since I can remember. My father was an awesome carpenter, but that wasn't his profession and I would pass him a hammer or go get a board for him to cut when I was a child, and I remember the "junior"...
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    Black Parenting : Playing "Step" Dad

    What I've found to be the most effective and imo, the most important element in step-parenting is to have a similar mindset on parenthood with that of the mother. If there is a differing of opinion, one of you will have to be allowed to take the lead, and the other will have to support them...