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    Black Poetry : THE STREETS

    I thank you To angelicsage, $$RICH$$, triniti424, mzblkangel and 1poetsought your words of encouragement is greatly honored and appreciated, again thank you very much. Zen Master
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    Black Poetry : HOW DO YOU SEE THE WORLD ?

    I see! Interesting message that carries quite the load, even from my travels all through the Pacific Northwest my brown eyes witnessed all kinds of elements to keep myself alert. The abuses are real and done with no regards to the results involving others. Even when we look beyond our realm...
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    Black Poetry : THE APOLOGY(tribute to our ancestors)

    So true As we look around us, we shake our heads for what has taken place is ashame and it does hurt daily. The scheme planned is working that even it has widen out to inflict the same abuses on others, yes nothing new same of thing to make you look dangerous and rob you blind, still we have...
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    Black Poetry : THE STREETS

    Have you noticed the growing ghetto lately? Despite all the claims of riches the streets reveals something so different! Sure we can use all the excuses as to why this or that to argue our point. Yet the streets continue to tell a story that involves a real cancerous growth.
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    Black Poetry : Ghetto Butterfly

    Transformation I can feel your emotions as I envisioned your journey the various levels of survival proved to be a great teacher in itself. Because you know now for yourself the streets are rough with no real compassion and especially someone so dear gone within that flash. Yes you made some...
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    Black Poetry : Something Wicked, This Way Comes…

    So true Just the simple expressions tells more than those in depth! I love how you present the basic truth because from my realm a Flower knows when someone is serious or not. Yes, keep yourself intune alway remember you need not go through changes that so many flowers go through that break...
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    Black Poetry : Today I Come........

    Speaking from the heart is... An important aspect and along with that comes the follow-through for it means everything. Then invest real time to find a happy medium because that can be a true life-time dream rewarding for you. Zen Master
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    Black Poetry : A POET'S PAIN

    Outstanding After reading this special piece I understand and at the same time encourage you to continue to express yourself for the heavenly stars are out there for you to grab hold of and really shine, thanks for sharing. Zen Master
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    Black Poetry : I Am the Stranger

    Pretty intense Pretty different I must say because taking the blame is not a custom! Yet it tells alot of the type of person you may be. Putting emotions on paper for the world to see tell me that there more depth to you than meets the common eye. Continue at your task of expression for the...
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    Black Poetry : Poetic Fear

    Words simplified yet cut like a two edged sword to your core. Your figurative heart and mind feel the coolness of that poetic blade. The message proves intensifying as the words resonate throughout you
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    Black Poetry : Try affection don’t go direction of rapture you’ll face

    Great flow Be nice to see the trueness on video with an interesting beat, yeah I will be checking you out for sure. Zen Master
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    Black Poetry : Warning As We Rise

    Wake up call rasheed, It is really sad for they do not see it and most people are tired of the abuses and you are right a change is forthcoming and it won't be fun! Zen Master
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    Thanks First let me say I am honored and please forgive me for being late with responding, but life as a poet is a busy one for me with reading, writing and even encouraging other poets to reach for their highest star. I will make an effort and thanks for the words spoken from your hearts...
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    I could see the vastness of the lands in a 360 degree visionary quest. Far off around man’s civilization is this mounting of dark smoke. Closely, I pay attention to its progress, say to others “Look all around us!” As they say, “So far off we have time relax dear watchman times are good.”...
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    Thought-Provoking I must say very nice, meaningful and thanks for taking the time to express your heartfelt feeling. Zen Master_1