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    Hows it going family? Im gonna try and be quick as possible with this type out as i can without over doing it. I know for a fact from akashic readings to divination and dream work that im being called to be a medicine man (shaman) by my ancestors but i have no physical guidance whats so ever no...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Quimbanda??

    Good read bro...involution/evolution I like that! You wouldn't mind if I added that to my vocab would you lol I've never heard of the book but seeing its so cheap im gonna have to check it out. I like the way you role though cause a lot of folks be so caught up in this material matter (cant...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : My God Is The Only Living God

    What Is God exactly? What is Gods Name? Im Searching for answers! (YOUKO) Spare Sum Change??
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Quimbanda??

    Preciate that bro..Is your older bro initiated or he's looking too? N Wittme im more esoteric than anything I look @ the philosophers stone as a symbol for the power of our Kundalini...Whats your take on it? Cause everything that's without is within, Especially With Us! (Youko)
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Quimbanda??

    Hi Family I've been gone for awhile but im back now. Im Planning on taking a trip to rio de janeiro brazil in the near future to be initiated in Quimbanda, but I've also came across a house in America which practice it too. I was wondering if someone who's in the know about this house could tell...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : BRO.BLACKBIRD!!

    Bro.Blackbird Ive Been Waiting 2 Catch You on here 4 Awhile Now! If You Could Find the time 2 Email me iwould be Very Grateful! Promise iWAnt Waste Your Time Elder!! Sinceralyy Yurs, *Youko*
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    Black People : Shutdown - Coming 2 A Metropolis Near You

    They Need To Shut All The Way Down! Its Been Lng Over Do.
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    Black Entertainment : WORLD WAR Z SEQUEL ????

    quote="Kemetstry, post: 830545, member: 46"]Remind me to avoid your city :lol: :lol: :rofl: Yu'll b beddA Off Avoiding the Whole EArth bruhh! LlAh! .
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Chaos

    H HAhaha SPLATTT!!! Right BAck @ You Sister WillA! *Youko* Bout 2 MAke itt RAin Again...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Chaos

    Lol But I Bet If You Whoop Your Kids *** Then Yell @ Them N Tell Em 2 Pick Up N Fold Them Clothes (Chaos) I Guarantee Them Clothes Will Get Folded! You Just Seeing It 4rm 1 Aspect Not Even Trying 2 Give The Other A Chance. *Youko* There Is No God But Man