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    Khasm13 : sweet chariot of fiyah...

    Yo- I feel I know what this is about but can't articulate it.. but I liked that charriot of fiyah. JAH Lives.
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    Black Poetry : *** BLACK HOLOCAUST ***

    Thanks for your reply. I think we agree. JAH Love always.
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    Black Poetry : *** BLACK HOLOCAUST ***

    The Buzz A few thoughts- A Black Holocast- yes Reparations- sure But.. Africans were not 'brought' here by Europeans, we were delivered up to Europeans by other >Africans< There is no way 'they' could have moved an estimated 10 million of our ancestors without the active help of other...
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    Black Poetry : Freeze Flow

    I & I refuse the vicarious intravenous existence of a system locked in twenty six symbols of thought engineered by Western Euro Alpha males, so I seek avenues of light un-burdened by referential paradigims regurgitated under arbritary positions of wrong and right-depth or height. I...
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    Black Poetry : Happy Birthday (TrueLove)

    Well- better late than never eh? Happy B-day to you, I wish for you visions and revelations from the ALMIGHTY GOD. JAH Lives!
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    Black Poetry : Dream Lover.

    twofish- big ups! Long time nah see. Thanks for reading this. klabarron- thanks for peeping. JAH Love is ONE!
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    Black Poetry : The Killing Fields.

    angelicasage- much love and respect to you for your kind words- I simply chant the music played upon my soul. I'm compelled. j'hiah- my brother. I and I give thanks and praise to the MOST HIGH GOD for preserving you in the mix. The heat IS. JAH Lives!
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    Black Poetry : Where would I go

    Man.. I know this feeling- I think we all do. For what its worth I think knowing where to go is revealed within the journey- the trick is to stay open. You have to refuse the urge to cut yourself off- for to lock yourself in, is to lock out all the resources that can move you to another place...
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    Khasm13 : it's ova...

    I'm feeling this! You don't know how I'm feeling this.. am going through this right now, and its a piteous thing to see the what passes for trying- after all the BSing. Spoke to my heart man- JAH Love always.
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    Black Poetry : Female Playa

    Of course.. there's always the other side.. the other side; and the truth is- its impossible to get without being got- nor can one take without giving; but the games continue- Yeah. Seen this game be4 JAH Love is ONE.
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    Black Poetry : For my Sistas

    I'm seconding Bishop on this- much props to sisters the world over- many be bearers of the flame.. JAH Love always. Thanks for putting this out there.
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    Black Poetry : Dream Lover.

    Yo RICH- 'ppreciate the read. iLLe$t- thanks for coming in on this- thanks I'll do what I can. angelicasage- you called it like I wrote it- thanks for looking.
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    Black Poetry : Dream Lover.

    I'm the kind-a brotha who comes out on days when the sun is up and flowers in parks are in bloom, dressed to kill in a blaze of glory, thoughts camaflauged behind tinted windows on wheels shined to the brilliane of a new nickl. But no one knows the story. I'm a walking talking...
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    Black Poetry : From the Garden to Eternity ~~~ An Angelicsage & Quinessential Anthology

    Your use of language to create visuals is brilliant. Not an easy thing to do well- and you've done justice to it here. Thanks. JAH Love is ONE.
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    Black Poetry : AFRICA-WOULD U GO BACK?

    No- I wouldn't. my African-ness is not determined by my physical location on this planet. I AM AFRICA. and no place or time can change that. JAH Love is ONE.