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  • Are you away from your computer, I have been waiting on your reply, at both profile pages, or the thread of yours, and I sent you a PM

    Yes to the first part of your question, but no to the remainder. Heres why, to become a part of the team would be ideal, if you decide. We would love to have you, and that based on the issue you raise concerning Cain, Abel, and Satan or Lucifer. The overall intent is to replace ignorance with truth. As a group, reaching a consensus, the truth will be manifested. It is hard work, but can be done. If you are interested, I am sure we can figure out a way to process your input, even if your schedule precludes the chat room meetings, we can always give you an assignment, and capture your reply from the thread. In fact, if you accept, the first order of business would be to consider your input and, of course, the outcome will be forwarded back to the thread. Hope this isn't to confusing, or seemingly intimidating to do.

    (Writspirit, this is your cut and paste)

    (A007, this is a cut and paste)

    Brother ang-EL,

    Spoke with A007 this morning, and shared with him our conversation on yesterday. He too is excited and fired up and ready to go. Therefore, attentive, the second Tuesday of October, 2008, at 12:30 Afternoon, will kick-off our initial meeting in chat by voice. Please let me know if this is a good time and date for you, if necessary, adjustments can be made.

    Along the way, Writspirit has agreed to do some editing for us, so welcome her to the team, and send her your love and friendship request. As always, go to my Profile page for details. I encourage you to re-read the thread(What is the Origin of Racism) so that our first meeting will go smoothly, be prepared! Love you my Brother!

    Clyde C. Coger, Jr
    Author, Does Color Matter?
    Very good Writspitit,
    Your schedule is perfect. I will try to help you navigate. Learn were home page is, you should see the shout out box. The posts below are current as posted and move down and off the page. Find the thread and click. Your particular thread was last responded to by Destee, and should be about middle of the page.

    Actually, home page is the hot page of posts, or the current posts from throughout the forums. All posts hit home page. When you find the shout out box, there is a note from me to you, there.

    Please keep me posted on how you are doing, I'll be here waiting! I just finished reading the thread myself, and it is something!


    In an effort to get away from dead-end threads, beginning probably the first tuesday in October, the three of us, myself, A007 and ang-EL will meet in the chat room to discuss and forumulate our plans. By no means is this project limited to those named. In fact, we have been soliciting for several weeks now for more participants. The idea grew out of What is the Origin of Racism thread. If interested, or if you have read the thread, it contains the progress made up to this point.

    AAlicia25 would participate, but she is in the process of relocating, and getting re-set. Edward Williams was involved, but left suddenly. It has taken up to now to replace Edward, and we are about to begin. Again, you are welcome to review the thread located in the Open Forum.

    People, such as yourself and river, I have noticed, possess writing skills and editing abilities. My vision is to produced a home-grown document from the consensus reached by the group, concerning the Origin of racism, as we uncover the facts. Our theme centers around, ignorance, which is to say, not knowing truth; and the objective is to replace ignorance with truth.

    At the completion of the material, comes editing, publishng, distribution, and marketing, resulting in the home-grown element of the project. All contributors, of course, would be included in the copyright, as well as any graphics (hopefully, Metasaience, ie).

    So, perhaps this prototype could be copied and used elsewhere in other threads, that often dead-end.
    In a nut shell, fundamentally, that is the idea in capsule form.(other possibilites are endless)

    And yes, thanks for your Friendship!

    Clyde C. Coger, Jr.
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