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  • Writspirit, this isyour cut and paste:

    A007, this is a cut and paste:

    Brother ang-EL,

    It has been affirmed for us to meet on October14, 2008 between 12:30 - 01:30 PM in Voice Chat, here at Destee.com, Tuesday! I am sure wel will talk and clear up any loose ends before then....Thanks for your willingness to the cause!

    Clyde C. Coger, Jr. (CC)

    The plan is posted under "Online Classes" awaiting scheduling from Destee. I look forward to your direct involvement, and editing!

    My apologies for the note about the computer. At the point of sending the note, we were in the thread together and at the same time, I thought, and that you were reading my post back to you. This can easily be cleared up. That will not happen again.
    To reiterate the plan, it is to discover the origin of racism without relying upon so-called historians, but the facts we uncover. It is a process that will involved the three persons mentioned, as well as yourself, at this point. As explained, it is to kick-off the second Tuesday of October by way of voice chat in the chat room. Here, you have explained your point of view, others have their point of view, again, the group will reach consensus on the validity of all points of views. It is the consensus element of this project that ensures the final truth, regardless of historian or material. This is the objective.

    The group decided on determing the origin first, since after all this time, racism still exists, and no one has corrected it, up to this point. Again, the theme is to replace ignorance of the facts with truth. I hope this helps.
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