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  • Writspirit Deardra,

    Please, please don't feel that way, please, you have not disappointed me at all, for real. In fact, I am holding down the editors job and sister VIDALIFE, also a journalist, has agreed to come on board, however, there is still plenty of room for you, Writspirit.

    There is no reason why you cannot just pick up where we left off, you my lady, are a mighty spirit and one that I fight hard to keep, and you know this Writspirit, so please stay and join us. We now have a private forum to deposit and protect our materials, we are currently establishing the Table of Contens and Chapters for the publication, as well as starting the Destee.comNewsletter. So, this is ground floor and we still need you.

    Now here is what would be disappointment, that would be if you did not come aboard and with your mighty hand of assistance, okay....Peace In

    Clyde.....and thanks for the compliments beautiful person:)
    The Writspirt, for real!

    Here is the forum link which now consists of ten(10) threads. We are attempting to hold down the number of threads we generate. As soon as possible, let me know what you think, where you are with all of this, and whether or not we can continue to count on you, Writispirit.

    I must say this, it is very admirable that you have maintained your Premium Membership all this time having lost your computer, remarkable!

    Here is the link: http://destee.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=290

    Your Friend...Clyde
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