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    Black People : Affleck demanded PBS program hide his slave-owning ancestor

    I don't see whats so scandalous about this Probably at least half of America's "upper class" have a slave owner ancestor...especially down south. Heck, even most (if not all) black americans ourselves descend from slave owners somewhere down the line (via rape)
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    Black Education / Schools : Study: Black girls 6 times more likely to be suspended than white girls in New York schools

    Many black girls like to throw down: plain and simple. However, this isn't a bad thing. White girls will smile in your face, be "bishy" and play all types of stupid games with you if they don't like you. Most black girls would just whoop Dat behind and get it out their system...which I find much...
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    Black People : The Wealth Gap Between Blacks and Whites Is Even More Enormous (and Shameful) Than You Think

    This issue has NOTHING to LITTLE to do with voting. This isn't something that the government can fix. It actually doesn't even have MUCH to do with income b/c on average, middle income blacks STILL have much less WEALTH than middle class whites despite making similar incomes. It has to do with...
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    Black People : The Worst States for Black Americans

    Great point too And it's only gonna get worse since NYC is gentrifying and a lot of the poor of NYC will be pushed into the inner-cities of NJ, since these areas have the cheapest housing in the entire New York Metro area. Nothing against the poor but as history has repeatedly shown, the higher...
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    Black People : The Worst States for Black Americans

    I agree with New Jersey being on that list. I recently moved to New Jersey from Long Island NY; and it's a gigantic culture shock. Like night and day! In New Jersey, almost all of the inner-cities (which mostly house blacks&hispanics) are HORRIFIC and impoverished; and the suburbs (which mostly...
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    African American History Culture : 8 SUCCESFUL BLACK COMMUNITIES DESTROYED

    We should've invested in our own insurance companies..:facepalm:
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    Black People Politics : World Bank warns of global jobs crisis

    This is no surprise. Poor people in most societies are much more likely to have a lot of kids than middle class families. Especially in America. Their society can not support them so it makes the problem even worse and worse. Very very poor judgement and a major global social ill......HUMAN...
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    Black Money Business Jobs : McDonald’s Should Share Billions in Profits With Fast Food Workers: Labor Organizer

    It's really not meant to be mean or insensitive. Sorry if it came off that way. I just think that the working poor needs a new perspective on things or to be more blunt, a wake-up call. And they need a new set of standards and expectations. With a lot of the working poor, especially those of...
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    Black Money Business Jobs : McDonald’s Should Share Billions in Profits With Fast Food Workers: Labor Organizer

    I have no sympathy for an able-bodied adult over 21 making around minimum wage, especially if you call yourself a man. There are so many things that you can do for yourself to not end up making poverty wages. - Get Financial Aid and go to a Community College. Get a marketable degree like...
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    Black People : NY student accepted at all 8 Ivy League schools

    Congratulations to him. Long Island is definitely home to some of the smartest black ppl on earth (next to Maryland).. You should see how many losers are out there trying to downplay/discredit his achievement and trying to attribute it to affirmative action, even though his grades/SAT were on...
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    Black People : School celebrate Black History Month with fried chicken, cornbread & watermelon lunch

    The only thing that makes it controversial is involving the watermelons. There is actually zero tie between watermelons and black history. There have actually been studies showing that black ppl throughout history consumed watermelon at even lower proportions than the general public. Black...
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    Black People : Black Towns

    Just to expand on above.. I would actually go out of my way to find a home in a black town if it wasn't for the whole education issue. It seems as if the school systems in even the best black towns struggle to remain competitive. You get a couple of exceptions throughout the country but...
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    Black People : Black Towns

    Yes, I don't see why not. If I had children then other things must align too such as a competitive school district/environment.
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    Black People : Prejudice on Blacks In Ontario Canada

    Very informative! On another note: The U.S.'s racial history is like 100x more ugly! Even though Black Canadians should still continue to fight for what's right, they definitely still should consider themselves lucky.