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    Black People : The Stolen Legacy Audiobook: Forward

    For the past 20 years I have been a student of Black Studies, especially in the area of history and religion. I have read over two hundred or so books on the subject and have heard countless lectures. But none can ever really take the place of that first book. The first book that shined light...
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    Black History Month: Not just History for History Sake

    Dr. Carter G. Woodson, Educator, Entrepreneur, Author and Activist, created “Negro History Week” (now known as Black History Month) for the purpose instilling in Blacks a true value of self based in a real and accurate study of Black Life and History. He believe that if Black students were...
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    Founder of Black History Month Forgotten

    Dr. Carter G. Woodson: The Founder and Spirit of Black History Month By Anthony Stewart I recently did a search on Black History Month in Google and to my surprise 2,470,000 sites were listed on the subject. To my dismay, out of the top 10 sites, very little was said about the Founder of...