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    Black Poetry : Violin

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Stay focused, Ujima
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    Black Poetry : Thinkin About U Boo

    I feel this piece! Been there, still there! Stay focused, Ujima
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    Black Poetry : Open Mind

    Wonderfully written and read with so much love! Stay focused, Ujima
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    Black Poetry : To You Our Dear Sister

    Undeniably worthy of infinite praise! Stay focused, Ujima
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    Black Poetry : A Song With No Music

    Thanks for the positive feedback on something that some feel has no meaning whatsoever. To me, it says alot and if a reader can decipher what I am saying then my job is done. Thanks! Stay focused, Ujima
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    Black Poetry : My Beautiful People

    Thanks to you all for taking the time to read this piece. I appreciate every one of you for blessing me with encouraging energy that keeps me flowing. God is working on me, in me and throughout me! It's His guidance that gives me the "written voice" that I have in my possession. He told me, if...
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : My Challenge To Destee...

    Well said! Thanks for the encouraging creativity! Stay focused! Ujima
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    Poet of the Week : POET OF THE WEEK (NITA)

    Congratulations, Nita!!!!! You deserve it! Stay focused, Ujima
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    Black Poetry : THE UN-TOLD STORY

    Oh my goodness! This piece was dynamically created through you with God's divine guidance! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!!! Stay focused! Ujima
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    Black Poetry : On the Strip

    That was powerfully awakening! Stay focused, Ujima
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    Black Poetry : A Song With No Music

    Quietly sitting in the midst of the weeping willows, clouds are surrounding me like I am in a bed of billowy pillows. I am needed to bridge the narrow gap between spirituality and humanity. I must use my mental instruments God has given to me. Intrigued by the angels’ harps melodious sound and...
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    Black Poetry : A Man Amongst Boys

    Thanks for sharing that piece! Stay focused!
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    Black Poetry : I n i

    Right on! Felt piece! Stay focused!
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    Black Poetry : this morning

    Beautiful! Stay focused, Ujima
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    Black Short Stories : Popular Girl

    As I sat at the lunch table, I heard some say, “She think she’s all that but I’m going to prove her wrong today.” It was the most popular girl in the whole school. Here she goes again trying to prove to the world that being her was cool. I continued to sit there minding my own business, trying...