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    Black Poetry : Father forgive me.......

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    Black Poetry : A day At Being Me

    whoa... Digg that...nice checkin u
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    Black Poetry : Silence Speaks.....

    I gaze helplessly it seems into the vast extreme which is you, and I see all I am and all I'll be........ I feel encompassed by the thought which echoes from my heart, you brought me to awareness and you've taught so much, inside your realms I'm caught.... not searching for escape...
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    Black Poetry : A Fathers Love

    A beautiful sentiment! How both are surely blessed 2 walk this journey 2gether! Nice 2 meet u! 2fish
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    Black Poetry : Urgent Call to service

    Amen 2 that! "Stop refusing to acknowledge the revolution If you not an active integeral part of the solution Then for all intents & purposes you’re the trouble" An honor 2 meet u...peace2u! 2fish
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    Black Poetry : my life is no coincidence (based on a true story)

    Hetepu!!! You study Dr. York's wonderful. I enjoyed your true story and the character that lies within...pleasure 2 meet u! 2fish
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    Black Poetry : "The Fecundity Of Her Fountain"

    wherever you are alyce - you have made your mark on our hearts, be blessed... 1luv
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    Khasm13 : a tall tale told in hell...<part 1>

    :hot: you're hot 2 def :hot: 4sho - khasm - your imagery AND concept AND spelling allofdat...that's wassup 1luv
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    Black Poetry : To the Man behind the Screen.

    this is a sweet flow, congrats on your special week gyrl... 1luv
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    Black Poetry : Sing Caged Bird, Sing (from A Tarheel Poet's master series)

    for a minute I thought tarheel was back, sad about that, but thanks RICH for the memory and repost Oneness
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    Black Poetry : 10/2/99

    blessings of love my friends...appreciate all of you! I love you my sweet little daughter!!! peace
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    Black Poetry : 10/2/99

    I love you my little angel!!! Give Thanks!
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    Black Poetry : When i turned my back on Poety

    appreciate you sharing your experience and revelations - glad you realize that tools like poetry can be used for good or evil - depending on the person - it's all what we do with it - I'm also glad you learned a lesson about the illusion of evil - it will always hide in a mask of something that...
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    Black Poetry : Dead Role Models

    there is a time and place for all things, your passion is felt, now is the time to be the SOLUTION, all we have is now, yesterday is a mist, tomorrow never comes, make changes NOW and the future will hold more leaders - YOU COULD BE ONE OF THOSE LEADERS seeing how passionate you are. In order...
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    Black Poetry : My 3 ANGELS..Heaven in your/my EYES

    the joys of motherhood cannot be surpassed...I know that joy Blessings Eternally Unfold Upon Your Family!!! love real