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    um destee mae lol how do I fix my flag? While I have no qualms with singapore i never stepped...

    um destee mae lol how do I fix my flag? While I have no qualms with singapore i never stepped nan' where near it let alone be from it lol is it a premium member thingie bc I tried to update to that too but nothing happened yet lol
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    Khasm13 : high standards...

    its funny how cats play a situation shifting blame game on generations always on the quick tip to flip ya lips with verbal drips of ridiculosity funny how it's always the same who claim virtuosity running fake fact back to back on what everyone else lack to equip ya clapback but ya poopoo aint...
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    Black Poetry : Imagine That..

    Love the energy this gives there seems to be hope even in hopeless times. Props brother poet :)
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    Black Poetry : A Black Man

    *sigh* God bless our Black Men * this was beautiful brother poet and Ive missed the powerful presence of your words... your gift is as strong as I remembered it :) Props indeed :)
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    Black Poetry : Let's sound this out together

    Oh this was definitely a thinker as well really had the reader following the lines to learn as the piece/carried on made for a good read :) Thank you poet!
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    Khasm13 : the horror...

    I hate freddy kruger lol and if he slid anywhere near me he'd be the newest layer on my car tires, but I always enjoy your Halloween pieces. However it would seem that it skurred the rest of the poets lol Props poet!
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    Black Poetry : That Black I Am

    I love how this piece/peace calls others to stand without being aggressive its a like a powerful underlying assertiveness that calls to attention the necessity of supporting our Blak awareness not just in others but in ourselves.
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    Black Poetry : Abide the Darkness

    youre definitely becoming a favorite poet :) props to this piece/peace
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    Black Poetry : A Message From Your Unconscious

    Oooooh Yes sister yes yes yes love the lesson in this piece/peace its a quiet but powerful call to attention. Thank you for this sister poet!
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    Black Poetry : TERMINAL MAN

    Yasssss brother 1 poet yanno what oddly enough you give me a king Solomon vibe with your writings, I never realized how much I missed them so, and now that I am reading them again its like seeing a long lost brother :) thank you brother poet!
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    Khasm13 : i wonder...

    Ahhh yes I echo brother clyde "seawater deep" indeed It always cracks me up how you slide from street to scholar in less than 2 syllables lol The greatest minds have the most elaborate imaginations and it certainly takes a skill to relay that to us "regular schmegular" folks :) You do it well...
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    Black Poetry : Shadows

    Do you write short stories also? If you don't you should, you have such a definitive voice, it makes for reading your words so... personal and relatable... thank you poet :)
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    Black Poetry : BE STILL

    BROTHER 1 POET!!!!! Ohhhhh you soooo remind me why its good to come back home to this was such a smooth harmonically peaceful piece/peace that just evokes the blessings that God has given you. I mean seriously brother this totally ministered to my spirit thank you :)
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    Black Poetry : Returning Home

    LOL @ momma im home typical brother cp all deep and introspective with a signature slice of cray cray lol this was a smoov intro back home brother cp! LOVE the profile pic, shes gorgeous, you look aiight too (is your head swollen? you know they got hats for that lol) flow on POET!
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    Black Poetry : Bet You Thought...

    Ooooo yasss double snaps this piece/peace has such a young voice to it with sass and confidence for days... psssh YOU THOUGHT WHAT?!? You better say that sister poet :) loved it :)