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  • Hotep Sister:

    just passin thru.. I just wanted to thank you for all the love that you show me..

    and give it right back to you....

    much peace honor love and respect
    Yea.. all night singing... me and u
    Who else was there? la.. la.. loving you easier cause your
    Mini Riperton.. did i spell her name right?

    My mind is like a steel trap.

    Trinity I recall my childhood back
    to moments when I was three years old.
    Then when i was five, ten, fifteen
    and everything to date from there.

    Details, words , phrases, and smiles.
    My head is so cluttered sometimes with memories.. that i love.

    So 2004 is easy.. and i recall a lovely voice someone shared.:?:
    Give me a moment.. i will recall who was singing with me.:em0100:
    Hey Trinity, How you doing Sister-friend!?! Its always soul-good to see you all over the place! Imma write an installment and make something happen to the cop just for you. How that sound?:) Thanks for reading it.

    Why you messing with me... :garbage:
    :donttell:I'm your hodee bear...:couple:

    Next time we meet during Karaoke... can we sing a Duet together?

    Peaches and Herb...

    Reunited.. cause and it feels so good... Reunited...cause it's understood..
    Theres something so exciting ...being Reunited..

    I forgot the words.. I'll practice.

    Give us some more of your :terrific:poetry to read...
    Oh! What a shocker, didn't know that, well thanks triniti424 for making me fall completely out of my chair and over on the floor with that...whew:). JK, just kidding, I just happen to know how modest, humble and so full of humility you are, sweetheart.......and thats a wrap......Clyde
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