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  • and spell checked LOL...:laugh:

    Thank u...
    You have a wonderful sense of humor...I love it! Thanx for comin thru Triniti, you always make my day with a smile, Sis.

    Always a welcomed pleasure to see you on the board..You're such an :angel1:
    Have a nice weekend!:hi:

    :hi:Hey Triniti, just breezin thru...
    bringin you some luv from North Carolina. I thank you for the visit once again.
    Thanx for reading the story, you know its appreciated so much.....I always enjoy reading your responses, they are always so uplifting.:hi:

    Hey Sis,
    Thanks for stopping by and checking out my albums.....DO NOT be fooled the girls LOOK all innocent, but TRUST me they are a MESS......And about the other pic??? died when u said they'd be electrocuting themselves...CLASSIC!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my pieces. That means a lot, and I'm glad that you actually relate to them... that means my artistic voice has an audience, and that's also encouraging as an artist. I actually have a giclee print (reproduction) of Mawu that I want to sell to raise some dollars. If you are interested send me a pm and we'll talk about the details. It's not stretched yet (not expensive to do it) so I can either send a rolled canvas or stretch it first if you don't have those services near your community. Let me know, and over the week-ends I'm going to drop into the poets corner and listen with my heart... I look forward to checking you out, you've got a great hand with a camera and I adore the bridge photos.
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