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    Black Spirituality Religion : Dark Skinned Christ

    Hey Bro Z :jump: great reading -- good to see you again -- where you been
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Does The Quran Say It Confirms The Scriptures Of Before The Quraan ?

    heyyyyyyyyyy Bro. ZZZZ .. how are ya? Quran (Suras Al'Imran 3:49, al-Ma'ida 5:110): He created a bird out of lifeless clay, blew onto it, and it flew away! ... sounds like a miracle to me :qqb003:
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    Black Haiku : aroused brown bodies-

    lololol ... $$RICH$$ at it again .. lololol Like Chocolate Candy Aroused brown bodies A sensational taste, surely won't go to waste!! :huh:
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    Black Spirituality Religion : “Obey Thy Ten Commandments, Or Else”:

    hey there Bro. Z where have you been my friend.... interesting, but what version do "YOU" have and/or follow Bro. Z? Wondering why you been hiding from me? lolol :spin: :spin: :kiss: ....
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    Black People : National ID - Real ID - Effective May, 2008

    here's another article for reading ...
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    Black Poetry : Happy Birthday Watzinaname

    Wishing you a very blessed birthday:em3600:
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    Black Spirituality Religion : We Are All In The All .

    Kum Di La Kum Wa Liya Ding !! :10200: Naaaa waiting for you to post one of your website link like you did on my other post . Ahhhh Bro Z, I'm so disappointed. A knowledegable individual such as yourself not wanting to explain a comment you made or answer a little question I had...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : We Are All In The All .

    Bro. Z .. hmmm been over a week .. you must still be researching ... ok, still waiting though:em3700: Bro Z
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    Black Entertainment : USHER'S WEDDING CANCELLED

    Well this weekend one hot celebrity thought twice about jumping the broom and getting hitched. Usher's fabulous Hampton wedding was cancelled this weekend... He's a rich 28 year old and she's a 40 year old hairstylist already with 3 kids and pregnant with Usher's first. Hmmmmm what happened...
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    Health and Wellness : How Much Water Did You Drink Yesterday

    Though I can't stand water, I force myself to drink at least 3-4 glasses of water a day. Water not only purifies and cleanses our body of toxins and other things, but our body NEEDS it and will let you know that it needs it. I remember when I was a kid water was free ... I'm a "Milk" natural...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Raising Index Finger in Church

    Not a problem sis. :toast: Too coincidental:SuN013: ooops I meant interesting. :qqb006:
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    Black Spirituality Religion : We Are All In The All .

    Bro Z Bro Z you spoke about The All being quantum physics above you said: The essence of The All is every atom in creation and noting would exist if it didn't exist within The All ! This is quantum physics . Can you please clarify if Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Theory...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Raising Index Finger in Church

    Yeah Destee ... I find his response very interesting too. :SuN004:
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    Black Spirituality Religion : We Are All In The All .

    correct the language or YOU? lololol :injured: :massage::