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    Black Entertainment : Urban Mystic

    I'm really digging Urban Mystic's new video Its' You. It gives me the same vibe as the Trey Songz first joint. The production is tight on it too. I hope this new album Ghetto Revelations 2 is as good as the last album. It's You
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    Black Entertainment : Ready for Mary?

    I was walking past Virgin the other day and I saw the big album ad for Mary J's new album. I don't listen to music on the radio much. So the net blessed me with this new Mary joint. This Be Without You song is official. I love the way Mary is standing on her own and trying new things. Be...
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    Black Entertainment : Jaime Foxx doing again.

    How can you hate on this man. Jaime has been on his grizzly from comedy to acting and now music. He was on two extremly big records (Slow Jams and Gold Digger). He finally getting back into his own music and droping a new project called Unpredictable. It should be a dope album. He can really...
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    Black Entertainment : Goapele

    If you don't know, your late. Goapele is the beautiful sister from California. I would probabaly be stuck on stupid if I ever met her. Her voice is so beautiful. Just listen already!!! First Love
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    Black Entertainment : Waiting for Goapele

    I love this woman here. She doesn't get enough shine but that's good for me. This way when I meet her and sweep her off her feet she wont' be all high siddidy. She's bad honestly. Her beauty and voice match wonderfully. I really dig the way she carry her self and a tune. Her new album Change It...
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    Black Entertainment : Cafe Soul - Love Pages

    This is the album put together by the founder of Essence Magazine. I guess he wanted to bring back some authentic Soul Music with help from contemprary artists. Glenn Lewis has a cool joint on there as well as Vesta, whom I haven't heard from in ages. It's a good album. It drops tomorrow and if...
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    Black Entertainment : Cosby Show on DVD

    Did yall know Season 1 of the Cosby show is out on DVD? Well it actually drops on Tues. (Aug 2nd) but still it's dropping. I think we take for granted that they show the eps on tv so often. There will be a day when we can't see it on TV. It will be good to have the eps to watch whenever.
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    Black Entertainment : Who's heard of Terrance Blanchard?

    This is the man who's sick with a horn. He did all of Denzel's parts on Mo Better Blues. He's one current player in Jazz that I'm really learning about. His sound is very soothing. His new album Flow is really good. Here's an exerpt from it. Flow...
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    Black Entertainment : Rihanna - Pon De Replay

    This is a good record. I believe she's signed to Def Jam. This is a really nice lil reggae joint. The ladies can pop to this no problem. And a good time is had by all. Pon De Replay
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    Black Entertainment : Goapele's new stuff is crazy

    I mean I didn't know she had such a dope voice. Her singing is really on point. The song itself is hot. If she pulls an album full of these Change It All records I'm coppin. Not even thinking about it twice. She's good, real good. Change It All...
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    Black Entertainment : This new blind singer.

    The guys' name is Raul Midon. He has a very distinct voice from his peers. However he does remind me of Stevie Wonder. I really like the way he flows on songs. This Everybody song is just dope. Everybody
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    Black Entertainment : Can Pras come back?

    He's been away for forever and a day. Ghetto Superstar was a hit for dude. A major hit. The question is does the public even remember that song? ODB is dead now. The Fugees was even further back than that song. His album Win Loose or Draw has to be very good. They pushed it back to Aug...
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    Black Entertainment : Who's still bumping Al Green

    I'm not just talking about the classics like Lets Stay Together and Still In Love With You. I'm really talking about the new Everything's Ok album. I've been rocking this joint for a minute and it's still good. Plus it's nice to catch Al performing on tv every now and then. He's got great stage...
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    Black Entertainment : Oh **** Leelah James!

    Listen this woman's voice has blown me away. If I was an A&R I would have signed her also. She's a dope singer. I have to hear more of her work. I only heard this song Music, and that was just a snippet. She's crazy. Music A...
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    Black Entertainment : Faith drops this Tuesday.

    Who's gonna cop this joint. I think she's gonna have a good album again. It's weird seeing her without the weight but she still looks good. The First Lady is gonna be tight I'm sure.