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    Black People Politics : What is the Best - Already Established Government - On The Planet?

    It might surprise some to know that I actually agree with you --- but only if we qualify that by admitting that the remarkable, and perhaps even unprecedented, potential for good in America is a Dream Deferred and a Potential rarely realized. By framing the question as Destee did, she began...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : *****BIBLICAL INSANITY*****

    One Key to finding synchrony between the wisdom of ancient KMT and 'biblical insanity' is to commit to a serious examination into why the last book in the bible would say our Lord was crucified, not in Jerusalem, but in Sodom and Egypt. HINT: this comes at the end of the prophecy about the two...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Hmmm...So the Bible is a myth?

    Science is a body of theories ---- theories which fallible men come up with and which, often, have to be either rejected or --- in the case of Quantum Mechanics vs. Newtonian mechanics --- seriously revisited. How can we say matter is always there when science has yet to even define...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Astronomical/Astrological Truth

    The truth about the bible being a book of symbols, rather than a book of history, has been around for many generations. This is not widely known only because Christians have appointed themselves as the experts on what the bible is supposed to mean and they will fight, sometimes to the death...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : The Bible vs. ANY other book!

    I just realized that I am not banned anymore. That may just be a E-mistake which will be corrected shortly. But, until then ... Biblical prophecy can be taken on two levels. It can be taken to be prophecies of actual events which occur in this apparent physical realm. But it can also be taken...
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    Black People : Why is there so little objection to Destee's openly pro-NSA stance?

    This may get me banned, again, maybe permanently this time. But, if so, I offer it as a parting gift to the black people of Destee. There is currently a nation-wide debate going on over the NSA/Obama's assault on Free Speech in this country. Yet, Destee is clearly attempting to discourage it...
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    Black People Politics : Obama Losing Black Appeal

    It makes no sense for so many black people to continue coming up with these lame excuses which are transparently designed to allow them to avoid admitting that their earlier [sometimes ongoing] support of Obama was a hellacious mistake. Just admit that you got fooled by admittedly one of the...
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    Black People Politics : How do you surrender to a drone?

    True story. Back when I was homeless, I was friends with this homeless middle age sista who ended up getting arrested and then Bakker Act-ed for the reprehensible crime of washing up in a public restroom in a Miami Wal-Mart. She did nothing _morally_ wrong. All she wanted to do was wash up...
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    Black People Politics : Mass Murderer-In-Chief

    Ah. A good segue to another of thePreacher's mind experiments. Speaking purely hypothetically, imagine that it is the year 1850 --- the year that the US Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Act. It will be a stretch, but also imagine, just for now, that God chose to birth you into this world...
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    Black People Politics : How do you surrender to a drone?

    I have, upon a few occasions, talked about how I once was working in corporate American making a 6 figure salary. I have also talked about how I, later, was homeless. Connect the dots, Sister. Connect the dots. Anyone who chooses to talk about the tyranny of the State will soon enough find...
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    Black People Politics : Why the masses prefer psychopaths to lead them

    BlackSunlight, you said talk less and do more. You underestimate the power of the Word. More and more people, even the 95% of black people who voted for Obama, are slowly, grudgingly, having to admit that Obama is not a great man. They have shifted from their former non-critical worship of...
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    Black People Politics : Mass Murderer-In-Chief

    You are not doing her any favors by pressing for an answer. Let it go. I didn't press for an answer because I knew only a fool would provide one. SCENARIO #1: If Destee has been approached by the feds to rat out members, it would be a felony for her to admit it to us and she would be a fool...
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    Black People Politics : Mass Murderer-In-Chief

    It doesn't matter who the oppressor is, or what tactics he uses to oppress you. All that matters is whether you choose to do what you are told, or to fight the powers that be.
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    Black People Politics : who cares about black people besides black people?

    That is neither love, nor indifference. It is selfishness. For years, I have, upon rare occasions, caught glimpses of your Divine Spark still flickering within your Temple of Nine Gates. It is that which has kept me coming back, kept me trying to find some different Way to break through your...
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    Black People Politics : Why the masses prefer psychopaths to lead them

    America -- my entire country -- has lost its frigging mind. What ever capacity we once may have had to lead the free world has long since dissipated. We are now fit to function in no higher position than global waste management. And, truth be told, given time, we would find some way to screw...