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    Black Poetry : Perfect World

    If this was a perfect world I feel that I would be free. Not judge for my creed or race Judge for my ability. Not judge for my what for I am Or what I might become. But judge for who I am And all the thing that I’ve done. If this were a perfect world My ambition would sore high...
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    Black Poetry : Thief of Poetry : Died Lastnight

    IT's sad but true people do steal... your poetry skill is way to real. keep it real! THE POETIC ONE waking the dead
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    Black Poetry : color of glass

    I glamorize my essence, the facade is only a mask. But in reality I'm that entity That's running from his past. That glamour shot for all to see, but they took away the mask. Now you can see straight through me' I'm the color of glass. No longer can I hide like a rat in a hole, that...
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    Black Poetry : Insanity

    my struggle is with my desirer. In this never ending game. I recognize the conseques. I recognize the shame Disentangle from my reality. Reconnected by my pain My passion driven by insanity Slowly driven me insane. Unpredictable the man in me. My life is headed towards the grave...
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    Black Poetry : The Storm

    N2...Cocoabutter I appreciate you two checkin out my debut ...I'm sure I'll be at home here homeboy Gypsyman put me down with the spot...he's always braggin' on all of yall..glad to finally be checkin everyone out...thanks again for the reads and showin' love...peace ! The Poetic One...
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    Black Poetry : The Storm

    In the dark corners of my isolation it became clear to me that I was trapped by the very thought of what I came to be. Trapped inside my disappointment I struggled but couldn't break free. So I was forced to look inside the mirror and this is what I see. I see a song that lacks...