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    Black Poetry : Freedom

    Time is said to heal all wounds. Yet the tick tick and moving of the hands Doesn’t remove the chains that hold us in place. You to I and I to you,to a moment replayed over and over The pain as real as yesterday. Instant replay keeps the chasm in my heart as wide As the sky outside and I cry...
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    Happy New Year to You! Thank you good to be seen! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Happy New Year to You! Thank you good to be seen! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    Thank You Sis!

    Thank You Sis!
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    Black Poetry : UNCHANGING HAND colab Asimplepoet & $$RICH$$

    So true and I love the collab. When I need to find myself I find myself back here and I'm glad to find things such as these....
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    Black Poetry : Fragment

    Half of a whole that isn't whole essentially is shards of glass holding fragmented images of the me who was we and I can't be the Me I can be until the You who completes me is complete. I need to be strong enough for me to be strong enough for We and I don't feel strong enough because right now...
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    Learning and growing.....

    Learning and growing.....
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    Black Poetry : candyman 3

    LOL $$R$$ I'm Not playing with you today!! You are too much!! :hearts2:
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    Black Poetry : candyman 3

    Candy Man you say You wanna come and play Dip and dive Lay and thrive spend some time Tasting my sunshine. Yeah it's oh so sweet. Quite a satisfying treat. Once you get a little bit You won't be able to quit. You won't be able to leave it alone I'll be your Love Jones!
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    Black Poetry : Taffy 2

    Slip sliding tongues gliding On this fantastic journey of Exploration. Sweet like honey and everlasting Makes for a night full of passion and fun!
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    Black Poetry : This Thing!

    Yes So true! Like your held captive.
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    Black Poetry : Taffy 2

    How Many Licks? I'll never tell That's a mystery for you to solve. But when you dive In to discover my sweet Surprise don't leave behind a drop. Mmm! Can't wait!
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    Black Poetry : Hopeless

    Aww $$R$$ You are a Bad Man! ( Wink) Thanks for the Love!!
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    Black Poetry : Hopeless

    I hate that I love you so much. It makes me so weak for you. I hate that I melt from your touch, That every time you're near my heart races and my kitty purrs. I hate that you make me smile so big that it's...