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    Violaters / Violations : could be killed

    Taalam Taalam Acey is one my many stage names ....if u dont know me after all this time ...thats why i dont write here anymore ..where are the real poets .the site is sad ...tha hookupman ..aka.Taalam Acey
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    Black Poetry : gospel of industrialization.

    :shutup: :bazooka: i want to right wrongs. i want to write psalms in the faithful script of david, that read as songs to the unforgiven. listen. i was an industrialized day dream. a stone rose in the concrete, red hair the petals at my mother’s feet, i was baptised in...
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    Black Poetry : warrior

    I m a word warrior Sorcerer of sonic sounds who's infinitely bound to the beauty of the Universe which I bring to life through verse! I am a word warrior I use words as weapons to combat ignorance, injustice, negativity, and self-destruction Each word is encoded with instructions To...
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    Black Poetry : know the half

    We put language in zoos To observe caged thought And toss peanuts and p-funk At intellect And mothfuckas think these are metaphors I speak what I see All words and worlds are metaphors of me My life is offered by the moon My footprints written in soil The fountain pen of mar Sean men...
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    Black Poetry : ...............adversity

    to quote a poet i know "the energy beneath these words were torrential..." thats what this one was I am speechless your touching the true feelings of self discovery the look inside your mind...thanks for sharing .....loving you and your poetry ..hookup aways :thinking:
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    Black Poetry : the power of "P"

    man....your one of the best pens in here man....mad love for your mind ...all need to learn from a power poetic mind like yours man .....great work ...hookup
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    Black Poetry : start to think

    I start to think ….then I sink into the paper like I was ink When am writing am trapped in between the lines I escape when I finish the lines they tell me if I can see the shore then am not deep and if my eyes are open and I still cant see then I must be sleep and if am...
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    Black Poetry : Niggu(-) Time

    show em how we detroit men flow it .....this part .Step right up street niggu(-)...warrior, hustler/ keep protecting that block that ain't yours / keep placing bullets into your reflections so that your street cred gets an erection and they celebrate your ***/ on the six o'clock news as the...
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    ENDOCTRINED NATION According to Webster, to indoctrinate is to influence with viewpoints, opinions, and principles... ..A supremely softer way of saying: the sending of subliminal signals to the subconscious mind to Stupefy and subdue scores of souls into submission...
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    Violaters / Violations : could be killed

    could be killed its a old piece but i want to rewrite ...ideas??? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hold her naked body firmly in my hand………… And I….close my eyes tightly…and ahhh.. Slowly bring her hole closer to my lips …….and I …I...
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    Khasm13 : freakin the critique....

    u know that i know where the idea for this poem came write man ...i feel u ... what really matters in the end...thats so true .....hookup
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    Spoken Word : AWAKENING

    this link has long ago been broken....this shows that u dont listen to whats here in this forum ....why sir? love for things that u dont really read or listen to ....?
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    Black Poetry : ~~~~ A Blues for Papi... ~~~~

    Today I couldn't stop smilin Because your POST made me smile .I could ride your rhythm for an existence then I’d faithfully ask for another turn Existing in un-matched and flawless glory Is the story of the ascension-filled attraction So vibrant that the world over remains in awe of...
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    Black Poetry : brotha's keeper

    MANASIAC yep i used to debate Collegiate Education Debate Association {CEDA} and URBAN DEBATE LEAGUE ( UDL )debaters ...loves to debate brotha ...its a lost art ...thanks for asking ...hookup
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    Black Poetry : brotha's keeper

    I was blasted out of my sleep 3 o’clock in the morning Some maniac out side leaning on his car horn Gotta go outside and teach him a proper education on waking working people up Hood bad enough cant let it get worst then it already is You hear me Do yawl hear me I need my sleep...