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  • Brother tfreedom,

    Here's a thought, have you considered becoming a Premium Member here at Destee.com? It's only ten(10) dollars monthly and provides many more avenues of presenting the BBBC to the Destee.com Community.

    For instance, we have a whole private forum that only Premium Members get to see and post to, there is an entirely new Forum titled: New Above and Beyond Forum, again, for Premium Members only.

    There is the member to member chat, similar to Messenger, whereby you can instantly contact a Premium Member for communication purposes, and of course there are PM's(private messages).

    All of these things are at your disposal when you spend as little as $10.00 monthly; in my view, not only would it enhance your ability to get the message out on the BBBC, it would also give you immense credibility within the Family, removing any doubt that you are fly by night...Peace In my brother friend.

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