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    Black Ancestors : RIP - Keita Otiba Kenyatta (08.13.1956 - 02.06.2015)

    Sister Fine1952 just had to sign in and post on your profile page my condolences. Brother Keita Otiba Kenyatta was a good person and eye will truly miss his conversations on history as well his general knowledge may our brother walk proudly with our ancestors! ABIBIFAHODIE!
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    To the Family of the "Queen" Keita and Makeda we would like to offer our open arms and hearts to you. As the Creator offers us his unconditional love, we offer ours as well. God made the seasons as he made us to live and live again. We know that you may be going through a rough time right...
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    Audio Video Web Conferencing : HAPPY EARTHDAY SISTER VITALIFE

    Happy Earthday Happy Earthday Mama Luv you Hope you had a wonderful Earthday.-Najah:ilu: Happy Earthday- Ashley Happy Day of Being on the Earth-John your son
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    Brother's Only Chat : Black men Unite / To my destee brothers

    FEFF Account Nov 13, 2009 Gift For Tommie Hunt Sr Completed Details -74.00 -$74.00 USD Nov 22, 2009 Gift For Profound Eminent Word Teaching Ministry Completed Details -2.57 0.00 -$2.57 USD Nov 22, 2009 Gift For jeffery bailey Completed Details -11.57 0.00...
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    Brother's Only Chat : Black men Unite / To my destee brothers

    The FEFF Contributions and Percentage Jun 11, 2009 From “Warrior” + 20.00 Jun 11, 2009 From “Hodee” + 10.00 Jun 12, 2009 From Tariq Waheed + 20.00 Jun 22, 2009 From “Lil Pea” + 50.00 Jun 30, 2009 From “Warrior” + 30.00 Jun 2009 Total 130.00 Jul 2, 2009 To Destee Design and Publishing- 80.00...
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    Brother's Only Chat : Black men Unite / To my destee brothers

    Response to Warrior's accuations WITH ALLAH'S NAME, THE MERCIFUL BENEFACTOR, THE MERCIFUL REDEEMER To Warrior and Clyde In response to your thread about the FEFF, you are absolutely correct, the FEFF already has a name, purpose, and a life, and I hope this remain the case. In response to...
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    Black People : All For One & One For All

    Sister Day'ah This is an excellent post for ones to view to understand about Premium Membership and the FEFF (Family Emergency Financial Fund). This is something that members in can contribute to as well as benefit from. This is to all those who are in black. We hope that you will...
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    Black People : Why Black Folks Don't Get Along With Black Folks

    Even before the riots following the Rodney king beating caught on camera,many of us in the black community were already asking the question why can't we all get along?With no disrespect to those in our community who believe that black folks will never get along,culture conscious black that are...
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    Black People : The Economics of Maladjustment

    Why do we suffer from this problem then?Why is the Black personality created? I try to get across the fact that that every maladjusted characteristic is not there by accident;it's not there simply because Europeans hate us:it's there because it maintains their economic dominance.If I've got...
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    Audio Video Web Conferencing : The Process of Healing

    The Process Of Healing is a teaching we need so I Hope my Brother's and Sistah's come out and Support us in this Beautiful Class.
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    Black People : It's time to Heal...The Process of Brother Keita O. Kenyatta

    Come and get Enlighten Please join in on the class that Bro Keita will give tomorrow @ 9:05 pm 8 ET. Name of the class is Process of Healing.
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Judaism Christianity Islam

    To speak of an Almighty God in the context used by jews,Christians and Moslems is impossible without going back to the roots of said belief.In so doing,ond has to delve beyond the origin of judaism(the Hedrew religion and peoples)-the parent of the three religions mentioned:Christianity-the...
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    Black Relationships : The Beginning of Unity"

    According to popular belief historically and religiously failure to change in relationships has been at the root of disunity.Therefore in our efforts to nuify the Black family,we must first acknowledge how we as a nation have been changed from our original state through robbery of the knowledge...