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    Old Head

    Old Head
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    Choose Happiness everyday and greet the day with a smile....

    Choose Happiness everyday and greet the day with a smile....
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    Black Poetry : Drop me, you never picked me up

    wow....this is raw emotion written allll over this throat got kinda tight when I read this...reminds of a place i used to be in . good stuff poet!!:snaps:
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    Black People : Black People and USA - An Abusive Relationship

    And there u have the gist of the Black Communitys "ignant negros" U said it perfectly
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    Black People : Larry King Calls It Quits

    good for him!!! :-)
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    Black People : Sister Queen Has Passed Away

    Rest in Paradise Sister
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    Black People : HAPPY BIRTHDAY DESTEE!!!!!!

    happy birthday destee!!! hope your day was filled with nothing but good things!
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    Black Poetry : I want to feel u when you come

    wow!!!!! I felt this piece deep down in my cells :laugh:
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    Black People : What does this Video say to you?

    I see a young black male in a Baptist church( I think) performing pantomime....Nothing more, nothing less....... What kills me with some of these comments is how some say that this is feminizing(sp?) him... or how white supremacy is affectin him..I dunno but it sorta pissed me off..... I'd...
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    Black Sports : chris henry dead....

    LOL james u are a mess!!!1 I agree tho. R.I.P to Chris Henry and condolences to his family Lesson Learned: Sometimes it's better to just WALK AWAY from a argument.......
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    Black Poetry : " Christmas Love " ( dedicated to wife & daughter)

    No words almost....this warmed my heart to see in words what type of love God can bring Nicely put poet :-)
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    Khasm13 : This is truly crazy.....

    ha......but i BET it was also on CNN as do you compare yahoo with the kkk???:10500:
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    Black People : Tiger Woods and his white wife

    :clap: PREACH!!!!!!!
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    Destee's Thoughts My Sister Had a Stroke

    Im praying for your family and I hope your sister has a full and speedy recovery
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    Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : Questions for napptural ladies

    Not at all, to each his own Do you straighten your hair without using chemicals? Yes, with a ceramic iron and serum for protectant....use Mizani it's the best If so, how and have you experienced any damage? Yea a lil bit, I need to go get it trimmed Nappy hair is the best:-)