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    Black Poetry : Venom

    this was a nice one.
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    Black Poetry : This Poem is About a Woman...~Story

    a "free" world where freedom is denied That's it....but i'm looking at it differently now!!! :-)
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    Black Poetry : It's Just Me Here...~Story

    yeah... Everyone is responsible for their own emotional well being.
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    Black Poetry : Untitled Flow II...~Story

    thanks again....i'm glad you like...this is a lil different for me but it's coming along!
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    Black Poetry : The Rehab Want Ad

    i like this piece!
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    Black Poetry : Untitled Flow II...~Story

    When I left *~-~* I was so stressed I just needed to get weeded I couldn't believe it--- How I was transforming In front of my own eyes I was wondering what the hell happened to my life It's a trip how I could just see it Thinkin' I need to sanitize my soul Either that or find a dark...
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    Black Poetry : Untitled Flow I...~Story

    She got me on my knees in mental cuffs Man, I can't believe this stuff Feel like I got super sun shades on my brain And I can't see nothin I'm not exageratin' or hatin' I just ****** hat that k*nt! I said, "Okay, I'll be your friend" Not knowin she was COMPLETELY crazy I sold my soul to...
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    Black Poetry : Givin' More

    I'm inside the belly of the beast When will the madness in the world start to cease My knees are achin' and bout to bleed I been on em so long prayin for peace Sometimes it makes me wonder About my hunger To get all I can get I sit in my room under a roof Shakin' my head Cuz in the end...
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    Black Poetry : This Poem is About a Woman...~Story

    2/18/03 10:30PM She's so decieving it's almost genious The situation is venal To the point of where drawing breath to speak Can be penal If that of which you wish to speak Contradicts her goas and her mission She is a fraud Needing to be stripped, exposed, destroyed, and burned To...
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    Black Poetry : It's Just Me Here...~Story

    Blood relationships Don't really mean **** Because when it all comes down to it Family will jump **** And leave you hanging too Assuming they were honestly on your side In the first place Blodd may be thicker than water but the spirit is thicker than blood So hear me when I say Let...