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  • spicybrown,

    Yes, you did answer my questions in the thread, while your absence here leaves me, and us, hanging; here's to missing you, spicy!

    Thanks, sister LovesDestiny I am indeed well. Sounds great, I will be heading there sooner than later. Have a wonderful one:10200:
    Hey Sis Spicy! Hope you are well. I wanted to invite you to check out the new "Ebony Love" social group...at your convenience of course!

    Well...I simply do not believe this!(an almost instant reply) Okay, I will respect what you have explained as some kind of a block. But remember, that’s what friends are for. When it comes to virtuous things, I am all too sincere, so, take your time and mount a safe and strong return, at your convenience, spicy. But remember this, call on me if need be!

    Hey schweets... I've been around... and it's good to see you dropped by spicy's lil' dugout, mah friend. Anyhoo... I'm still around lurking; reading and all. I just have chatters block for some reason; I'm totally textless. *CACKLE* You be well, m'kay? :em2900:
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