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  • Htpu,
    Been a minute since we last talked. I know Tyronne been keeping you busy so you don't have much time anymore. That's cool. Just stopped by to holler at ya. Take care.
    Just a note to say, I thoroughly enjoyed your voice in chat last night...when you were speaking and oh so wonderfully, singing. Such a multitalented sister you are!
    His Sister Soul! How are you? I pray you are well and that the universe is supplying your every need and fufilling your wants.
    Hello Soulosophy,
    I truly appreciate your kind sistahly gesture and warm words. And my daughter thought she was the first to wish me a happy birthday. I must tell her otherwise.:) It is the unexpected gifts that bring the most joy. Thank you!

    Hello soulosophy
    Your post on releasing Negative Energy is very informative.. I needed that Thanks
    Hi Soul honey, how are you? Glad to be visiting your home! Hope you are enjoying the holidays, and hopefully I will hear you again, in open mic night soon.

    Take Care!
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