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    Black Picture Image Gallery : Sista Soulfulmixx: *MAR 1 06* UPDATE!!

    missing the Destee family.. greetings family.. i'm back! :hi: i know its been a while since iv'e been on..many changes have occured in my life.. some good some bad.. all and all its been a learning experience and i know now that it all was truly for a reason and im thankful.. i missed this...
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    Black People : Happy Birthday brutha (Clarkint)

    party in voice chat for brotha clark... happy b day brotha :party: :party: :party: :party: soulfulmixx:hearts4:
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    Audio Video Web Conferencing : Michael Jackson is in chat...QQ

    yall its tru.. it was so much fun.. see yall join DESTEE chat... soulfulmixx:hearts4:
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    Black People : Michael Jackson IS IN VOICE CHAT!!!

    brothas and sistas of Destee.. its tru... wow it was so amazing.. and sista Destee u are a tripp i love ya... wow im glad brotha panafrica is are witness lol lol.. :D can yall believe this was my first time...i truly enjoyed myself.. :grouphug: Destee members join voice chat.. you really...
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    Black Picture Image Gallery : Nisa part 2

    hey sis.. your pick is so pretty...thank u for sharing girl and u rockin the natural hair too...soulfulmixx:hearts4:
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    The Front Porch : I LOVE YALL !!!!

    :spinstar: :spinstar: :spinstar: :spinstar: :geek: what a beautiful soul... sending love back to u Queen :luvv: Destee...beautiful BLACK WOMBman... may your energy as radient as it it continue to shine within this wonderful forum...much love Destee.. much love forum family:grouphug...
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    Black Picture Image Gallery : Sista Soulfulmixx: *MAR 1 06* UPDATE!!

    hey whats up beautiful brotha Khasm... :haha: uhmm i see a brotha didn't forget --i like that :tongue: .. anywhoo...i should have some posted soon... im not sure if i told u the date... the 17th.. which is like next thrus is my appointment.. so when i take some pics brotha u will be the 1st...
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    Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : How many Natural Hair Gals on this site?

    i agree.. thank u for sharing... much love and respect to u sista for going natural..i sure your hair is beautiful girl.. soulfulmixx:hearts4:
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    Black Haiku : Chocolate skin

    :luv: :hot: **almost time for me to join the poetry flow'ers i see....
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    Black People : Hello everybody

    welcome brotha Greg.. may your time hear be well spent.. there are many wonderful souls here on the Destee forum... soulfulmix:hearts4:
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    Black Relationships : Why are some women blind when it comes to men

    i sooo agree brotha Sekhemu... however many dont hold this opinion..i would atleast expect them to "hold the opinion" of PROTECTION--- this is in reference to being "knocked-up"... soulfulmix:hearts4:
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    Black Haiku : Chocolate skin

    uhmm uhmm uhmm... :bomb: :hearts2:
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    Black Women : Sisterlocks

    sista u are so welcome... good luck on your journey to "LOC" :congrats: :toast: funny i saw this post cuz i will offically be starting my locs on the 17th... my loctician asked if i was going to sister loc or not .. i opted out.. i want traditional med locs-- thats where my spirit feels...
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    Black Picture Image Gallery : Since there is a rage of turn...

    thank u sista triniti..beautiful Queen solfulmmixx:hearts4:
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    Destee Network : Soulitemusic CO. would appreciate more feedback family..

    :geek: thank u brotha $$RICH$$ i so appreciate that u took the time to post.. much love much respect... :kiss: soulfulmixx:hearts4: