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    Black Events : NATIONAL BLACKout DAY

    Many people marched in Jena, LA last month in support of the 6 young men unjustly charged with attempted murder for a school yard fight. There are many situations all over the nation that scream of injustice and unfair treatment of people in this country. There is the woman in West Virginia...
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    Black Events : NATIONAL BLACKout DAY

    I'm Not sure if anyone else has posted this but please spread the word. We must unite!!! NATIONAL BLACKout DAYS WARREN BALLENTINE "THE PEOPLE--S ATTORNEY" IS CALLING FOR ALL AFRICAN AMERICANS TO PARTICIPATE IN A NATIONAL BLACKOUT" WHO : Warren Ballentine "The Peoples Attorney" and...
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    Black Poetry : LOVE CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!

    Sounds good but I need some inspiritation................................................................................................................................
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    Black Money Business Jobs : Business Question

    I have a question. I want to start my own greeting card business. I have the name of the business already. How do I get started? How do I protect my business name and logo. Any information would be most helpful. Anyone who has their own business any imput I would really appreciate.
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    Black Poetry : Path

    A man Who claims Claims to attempt Attempt to change To try but to fail Failing as a man A husband A companion Not willing to make amends Bound by his lust Tied to desire A father Not being a father A role model Teaching his sons Lack of Self control Lack of Respect for...
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    Black Poetry : I Must

    You make me feel less then Less then human Less then a women I know now What I have always known The person you are Does not equate to the person I want to be The women I am trying to be The mother I need to be Through the years I have stayed Year after year My heart pays the price The price...
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    Black Poetry : Clothes

    This is not my poem it is by Maya Angelou.. It was sent to my email and I wanted to share it...... You are in love with Tommy, Because his last name is Hilfiger, But behind closed doors, Tommy, Is calling you a ******, But you could care less, Because you have been taught to dress to...
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    Black Poetry : Poetry Throwdown

    I just have a quick question.... What time does throwdown start?
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    Black Poetry : Do I Stay Or Do I Go?

    Thanks to everyone that responed.... Thanks for the love..............
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    Black Poetry : Do I Stay Or Do I Go?

    GHETTOAMBITION Thanks for you response. I'm glad you understood it I know it was all over the place... Thanks again.......
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    Black Poetry : Do I Stay Or Do I Go?

    My mind My flesh My heart My spirit All say something different To many emotions in the mix To many thoughts To think clearly Do I stay or do I go A man of honor A man a lies A woman A woman trying to be a mother A wife An individual Caught up in the lies The deception The...
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    Black Poetry : Lies

    Thanks sonnee01 and nevar....:smooch: Thank you Rich and cursed heart....:smooch: skrybble7,1poet and spicybrown thanks for showin' love....:smooch:
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    Black Poetry : Lies

    God is calling me back The enemy reminding me of what I lack Telling me I am not free I wish satan would just let me be Always talking in my ear So I won't be able to hear Hear my Father's voice Lying to me, saying I don't have a choice Reminding me I am a sinner Whispering you...
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    Black Poetry : Forgiveness

    This was a great poem. To truly forgive is something so hard to do. Letting the past be the past is another hard task. How can one heal from the past when the past is still in the present? Great piece.
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    Black People : Sisters i made new paintings...

    Auroraflower if I sent u a picture of my family and I could you do a portrait/painting ?