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    Black People : Birth Control Pills Making Women Choose Mr. Wrong

    I feel its being desperate that is making so many women make bad choices in men. We have to use our God given brains [having our eyes wide open] and make good choices!!! Patince is also a great virtue.Its wise to have virtues in self while seeking it in others!!!
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    Black Muslims : Islamic Music

    Very nice Jahari...Check out this beautiful song called Heaven by Khaleel Muhammad on youtube...I cannot post links at this time...but it is one of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard.
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    Black People : Is Patriarchy a Bad Thing?

    Here is a intresting article i came across...I dont agree or diagree with the info but i do find it very interesting. Combining Native American and African heritage, Boe Glasschild describes himself as a black Choctaw: a Buffalo child. His Choctaw Indian name, Bushpolawa, means "many...
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    Black Women : Sisters, can we talk privately for a minute?

    Could it be many women are more into discussing relationships issues then cultural issues...Myself i like discussing both.