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    Black Astrology : Libra/Scopio Cusps

    Cusps are CRAAAAAZZZZZZZAAAYYYY!!!! :nuts: LOL
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    Black Astrology : Scorpio Scorpio Scorpio

    Aqil: What advantages/disadvantages is there to being Scorpio Rising/Scorpio Sun (Gemini Moon, Venus in Scorpio) ??
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    Black Relationships : Do Looks Really Matter

    It doesn't make sense to me: That which attracts physically shouldn't count. At the risk of being called "shallow" or "superficial", I believe tangible qualities are just as important as intangible qualities. People are a continuum of good and bad qualties, both inner and surface. Therefore...
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    Black Poetry : Slave to Your Love (Love Slave)

    Nita, I'm ALL MAN. Yet as an aspiring poet, I can write from any perspective. Actually, I wrote this for my wife so she could better understand what i wanted from her.
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    Black Poetry : to know you

    Brotha, I can only aspire to write such eloquent and powerful words as this!
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    Black Poetry : Intentional thoughts (love jones joint)

    Very deep, man. Ur words played out in my mind like a surreal dream. Found alot of meaning in them. As they say "It took me there".
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    Black Poetry : Slave to Your Love (Love Slave)

    I'm str8. I had technical problems. All is well
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    Black Poetry : Slave to Your Love (Love Slave)

    I belong to my Daddy mind body and soul I compliment his mind I am extension of his body I am reflection of his soul I serve and fullfill my Daddy That he may adore and cherish me I endure pain That I may be his weakness I bestow my love to him That I may be his strength I...
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    Black Relationships : Is it wrong not to date someone because he/she has kids?

    Personally, I don't like sharin' my girl with anyone. Kids take up so much time and energy, there's no time for US and that's the reason why we chose to be in a relationship. I'm with someone who's with child and I love her as if she was my own but, I still dislike sharing. If I had to chose...
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    Black Poetry : Soul Godess (unfinished)

    You found me Somewhere on the 3rd moon of Obsession Sipping passion coconut milk In straw hat and white linen sundress Chillin... Sun hot on my body like untouched desire Warm winds blow strong Then gentle over Ascension tree tops Rustlin... Rustlin... Throwing shade on my toes...
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    Black Poetry : Confused Heart

    Man, I'm definitely feelin' this one!
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    Black Poetry : Wondering Heart

    We journey our separate roads in past lives and this As Rose vines grow, we interwine and branch I know you so well As if a seed sprouting in my thoughts But at times I look at you Memorable as a stranger Though my eyes cannot capture Tears and joy and anger you fashion We...