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  • hey rich. i'm now 67 hours smoke-free. just wanted to give you a little progress note. very difficult. i'm coughing like crazy, sometimes short of breath. wicked cravings. today was horrible for the cravings. i almost gave up. nothing works to help with cravings, i just gotta take deep breaths until they go away. i had to go to the gas station too. i go there so much, the guy knows what i usually buy. he even went to reach for it and i had to tell him that i was only there for gas. it was hard to walk in and ONLY get gas. i did it though! i was in such a hurry to leave that i got in my car and almost drove away without pumping the gas! LOL! i just wanted to get out of there and away from the temptation. i've been real tired too.

    otherwise, i've been hanging in there.

    i hope all is well with you.
    Hello Sir Richness, How are you? Thought I’d drop in to let you know, you cross my mind more often than I come by to say hi.:) Stay strong and positive.

    hey rich! just stopped by to visit a friend. also wanted to let you know that i'm going to be quitting smoking. last time i quit, i made it 8 months. this time i'd like to quit for good. my quit date is set for may 2. i may need some support.

    hope you're having a great day!
    Brother $$RICH$$,

    Much appreciation for what you do My Friend, thats real, for real, for sure, especially considering Miss Lady's idea, lets roll with it and make the necessary adjustments for success....love you man!

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