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    Black People : Check The Facts Before Rushing To War...

    Yes, it was a plan... Yes, it was all a plan... Just like the plan to pull the troops out soon...along with the lowering of gas prices... and just in time for the presidential election...
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    Black People : Women To Be Drafted Also

    Yes, I think if men are drafted, women should also. It goes along with being "equal". Maybe then, women will truly understand the sacrifices Black men have made for them. I often wonder if the National Organization of Women and other groups will try to pull the "gender" card.
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    Happy Belated Birthday! :shades: :birthday:Happy Birthday! Much continued success and many blessings! :birthday:
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    Black Women : Sisters, Why Don't You Participate More In The Discussions?

    Why I haven't posted... I haven't posted lately because of lobbying for bills in the state legislature. Hopefully soon, I can join all of you in the sister chat. Some of the sisters, specifically NNQueen, thinks I am a little too hard on my sisters. But that's cool, she is entitled to her...
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    Black Men : How do we stop the demonization of Black Men in the Media?

    Input from a woman...hope you brothers don't mind... Turquoise probably kept the tape for blackmail purposes and for leverage in the marriage or a future divorce. As far as the negative image of Black men in society, we also can start with ourselves. I don't know how many times I hear...
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    Black Relationships : Independent Women - Myth or Reality?

    NNQueen, I agree with your definition of independence. HerukhuMaat, yes women do want it their way. Logic doesn't even play into the picture. There is already a backlash starting...look at all the father's groups. Men are tired of being pushed out of their children's lives. There are many...
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    Jails / Prisons : Teen Black Male has Consensual Sex with Teen White Female - Gets 10 Years Prison Time

    NNQueen, I agree with your new law. Marcus Dixon's guardians are white. They genuinely care for him and have been interviewed by the local media in metro Atlanta. They state they know their son doesn't deserve the punishment. They are very distraught.
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    Black People : Legalizing Illegal Immigrants..the Republican Plan to replace the Black Community?

    The ironic thing, in Metro Atlanta, a lot of the Black organizations are banding together with the Latinos on the issue comparing it to the Civil Rights movement. In fact, there was a rally at the Georgia State Capitol. I could believe that the groups were helping them instead of trying to...
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    Black People : We'll Know That Race No Longer Matters...

    Aqil, Amen! May I add... When Black women have equal access to medical care as White women and cancers (Breast, Ovarian, etc.) are not as aggressive.
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    Jails / Prisons : Teen Black Male has Consensual Sex with Teen White Female - Gets 10 Years Prison Time

    Greetings Destee, Yes, thank you Will! There are many Blacks in the Metro Atlanta who are banding together for the Marcus Dixon cause. I am originally from Alabama, but I have found rural Georgia to be just as bad or worst than some areas of Alabama (and Mississippi) when it comes to race...
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    Black Women : why white beauty standard affects bw more than bm

    Our hair is actually healthier in its natural state. Permed hair needs a lot of nourishment and conditioning. Our hair is very fragile in this state. If a sister chooses to wear straight hair sometimes, she can hot comb it (only when it is clean). Sisters have many options when it comes to...
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    Black Women : Don't wanna pay child support...

    Wonderfully stated! Sun Ship, Wonderfully stated. Thank you!
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    Black Women : SistaHood

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
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    The Front Porch : How did you find Destee?

    Mike I found out about Destee through the wonderful writer Mike Ramey. Destee is so cool and I am proud of her!
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    Black Women : To Hell and Back: Confessions of a Black Feminist

    Actually, I think there should be requirements to make it harder to get married. Classes such as conflict resolution, parenting, financial planning, etc. should be mandatory. We tend to pick our professions, colleges, etc. with logic but fail to do the same with a potential life partner...