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    Black Poetry : PSEUDO HAPPY

    Indeed... A very heartfelt peice... I love the tru emotion of this. Thank you, Reas
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    Black Poetry : happy birthday ((REDLADY))

    Hey Hun Happy Birthday... I wouldn't miss it. Best Wishes and many more! Reas
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    Black Poetry : Just Hot

    Uh huh... Now there's a name I aint seen in a while! Looka hea looka hea, you getz nuthing but respect for this!!! Absolutely! Mad Properz Reas
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    Black Poetry : Pretend

    Amberly! Had to let you know that this was beautiful! indeed... hope to read more soon. Peices!!! Reas
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    Black Poetry : Messiah of Misogyny

    Yeah!~ Likewise L-Boogie I had to give you love on this hea!!! Crazy flow... the truth! You ill Reas
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    Black Poetry : Please? (Caution... Somthin for the mood)

    Oh Wow! Thanks Fam!!! Fa real yall givin me nuthin but love and it's madd appreciated. Thanks again Reas
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    Black Poetry : Paint Me Invisible

    Indeed A lovely picture... Reas
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    Black Poetry : Hello Destee Family!

    Luscious I'm glad you all good sis... truely! Reas
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    Black Poetry : butterfly

    Kaly Love the way you dropped this hea! Reas
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    Black Poetry : Angry

    Catt Keep venting! Reas
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    Black Poetry : daydreaming

    Red~ Aint nuthin like home ma... hol it down! Reas
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    Black Poetry : Not Enough

    Whoa! Seeing the heart behind this... much emotion in this art! Diggin the style Reas
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    Black Poetry : Kissed

    Emme... Wow! Now this hea is ova da edge... no doubt! Lovin ya art! Reas
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    Black Poetry : For The Time Being

    P.S. Smooth joynt! diggin it! Reas
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    Black Poetry : ~I Cried For The First Time~

    Bravo!!! Lovin it!!! The passion in this joynt is just sick... gotta be tru emotion. Reas