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  • Well now look at your new digs...looking good up in here...and u know i like gold. and orange...hahhahahhah Heyyyy sis...just doing a drive by Hi...come see me some times. I be good...I think..hahahhaha

    Lilpea :1on1:
    Hey Hey HEY! This is the brown_h0rnet. This is the info that I told you I would send you.

    The following link has the group ORIGIN OF RACISM

    If you look, you will see the threads, "Calling all Graphics Designers" and "Calling all Web Designers"

    We are looking to have some Destee.com T-shirts made, AND we are looking to get an online newsletter going. We are looking make Destee into a revenue center for "our" people.

    We are also looking to publish a home grown document. You can check the Group Think Thread Starting on page 3 to get caught up. Clyde will soon post the progress from the last meeting in that last thread.

    If you need any more info, please let me know!

    Peace, Febreeze, Seabreeze and Hair Grease!

    Keep it red hot!

    The H0rnet
    Stopped by to say hello...so glad to have met you.
    If I haven't already posted and said before.. Welcome to Destee
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